Strange disconnection problem

I am having this problem for the last few weeks. The modem will remain connected, the DSL/Internet/LAN lights will be all turned ON but the Internet will not work, it will tell me that there's a connection problem so I cannot browse or do anything. This happens sometimes, at intervals, sometimes the day will pass and this will not happen, at other times, it will happen several times within 10-20 minutes and gets fixed by itself within a minute or two, sometimes more.

Is anyone else facing this problem?

P.S. When this happens, I am not able to login to the modem settings as well. Could it be that the modem OR switch is faulty?

check internet light if its blinking for no reason then restart pc. it will be fine.

boss ur line is should be faulty or may be ur pair is doesn't work contact ur area lineman and replace your pair insha ALLAH ur problem will be sloved

i had the same problem still do sometime.....

do u get a ip error like me

do factory settings in modem andmake connectoins again with right vpi/vci setting and username password.

same thing used to happen to me.. seems like some problem with ptcl dns..

I switched to google dns and fine since then

Thanks everyone.

I had a spare modem with me so I just changed the modem, the problem has not shown up again, yet.

I have a very weird problem. Thing is my line stats are way above recommended range (22+ SNR margin and 27 for line attenuation), but my dsl doesn't stay syncrhonized for even a minute. The DSL guy came like 4 times already and every single time he was clueless as to what could really be the problem. I'm on ONU and a direct line coming over from the pole to my room. I've asked for a line replacement, change of pairs, so far nothing helped at all.

I've seen people with much worse stats use 4Mbps just fine on their end, how come I'm unable to do so despite everything possible to address the problem. Need some suggestions.

change you modem.

say to your ptcl lineman to change your pairs. or hard reset your modem.

its the problem with huawei modem...

as far as i think...

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its the problem with huawei modem…

as far as i think…


may be conficker!