Strange Call From PTCL CSR Re: DSL Speeds

I just got off the phone from a CSR of PTCL. I called

him about upgrading my port, since it was set at a

downstream rate of 8192 Kbps (which means I can't

get more than 6,5Mbps from this 8Mbps connection

no matter what).

6.5 Mbps x 1/8 = 8192 Kbps

He tells me PTCL only gives 60% of it's advertised

speed to it's customers. So if you are getting 6.5Mbps

on a 8.0Mbps line, "Sir aap lucky haiN".

Funny, I don't feel very 'lucky'. In fact, I feel defrauded.

Theoretically, a 8Mbps line should give a 8 x 1/8 = 1.0

Kbps. That would be 100%. But because of contention

ratios, 'line losses', etc you won't get that. But PTCL

wants you to take 60% and be thankful.

Sheikh 'Lucky Guy" Chilli

My 8Mbps Pakage Vdsl Speed Result




In terms of achievable speeds, the following come into play:

- sync rate:

- usually ISPs use Target SNR Margins to maintain a stable line via 'profiles' and/or automatic DLM ... in case of PTCL, it is not confident of it's infrastructure and limits the sync rate to the package subscribed ... also Interleaving is used

- 8Mbps = 8 * 1024Kbps = 8,192Kbps

- protocol:

- PTCL uses PPPoE (or PPPoEoA) and this will cause some loss of speeds due to overheads in some cases.

- contention ratio:

- PTCL does not guarantee the bandwidth as it is shared ... the higher number of people sharing, the less likelihood of you getting the 'full' speed ... most ISPs now use 'upto' speeds for this reason ... torrent 'freaks' and 'leechers' are also blamed by the ISPs and some ISPs now throttle such users all the time as well as regular users during peak hours

There might be other causes as well!

"zulfiali86" above is using VDSL and it is configured differently with FTTC and last mile copper access. As it is deployed for 50Mbps or higher speeds, 8Mbps shouldn't be a problem for it! Like, for our Nayatel FTTH connection, we get for the 5Mbps package:




Both of you guys are getting what you paid for. Which

is, as it should be.

I am just amazed at the gall of that PTCL CSR who

thinks getting 60% bandwidth is all that their customers

are entitled to. Like you go to KFC and order 10 piece

chicken bucket. But you get only 6 and they tell you that

the fryer and servers got hungry and ate the 4 pieces.

And btw, you are only entitled to 6 pieces, when you pay

for 10. How would that fly with their customers ?.

I mean when you are defrauding someone, you lie,

you twist the truth, you make asinine excuses. But not

PTCL. From thievery, to now dacoities.

Sheikh 'FTTH - Awaaz Dey KahaN Hai!' Chilli

I would suggest to not sit quiet and spare a few minutes to prepare your complaint and sent to PTA.

Here is the link :

All of those who get the same lousy excuse (60% of advertised speed) must file a complaint. If we can play out part and stop ignoring such tactics only then we can make the improvement. We all have to play our role remember and not always curse Govt and other organizations for their wrong doings.

You should be getting complete 8Mbps (1024KBps). If not, first complain in writing/email to PTCL. Depending on how they respond, escalate the matter to PTA and do mention how long you have been paying for 8Mbps and getting ~6Mbps alongside asking for compensation according to difference of cost in respective packages and fixing of issue henceforth.

If you use SmartTV, get speed adjusted accordingly.

Thanks guys. Listening to PTCL's intransigence, one gets the

impression that asking for what you paid for, is nothing short of

an imposition. "We are doing everything appropriate Sir. You...

just don't... understand... that's the only problem here". :)

There are more than a couple of FTTH private enterprises

springing-up around us. It'll take some time for them to spread

out to us. I am thinking of then ditching PTCL altogether.

Sheikh 'Na Rahega BaNs...' Chilli

If you have Smart TV installed your 8mbps downstream should be 10240+ kbps something.

call 1218, tell them about you're not getting advertised speeds so that they upgrade your line profile.

If the CSR doesn't listen to you tell him you need to talk to the supervisor


Call your local exchange or visit them and tell them to set your port to 9125 kbps, which is what I have on 8Mbps DSL.

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No, we do not have SmartTV from PTCL. And Yes, I did explain to him

that I wasn't getting 8Mbps. He said 'we don't give 8Mbps to 8Mbps

customers. Only 60% of 8Mbps'.


My brother's line is set to 9214 and he gets around 7.8Mbps on a

good day, which is fine. But mine is set to 8192 and when I told him

the young lad said, "Wou kisi ney ghalTi sey kr Di hogi. Aap ki 8192

setting bilkul Theek hai. Itni hee hoTi hai".

Now, what can you say to that ?. That, is his story and he is sticking

to it. And there are no other stories in the world.

Sheikh 'AssaN Jaan K MeeT Lai Akh Vey...' Chilli

I think you should keep complaining until they do what you want. There must be some 'naik banda' in PTCL... :)

Yes, I think that is the only way with PTCL. Pester them

until they 'tap out'.

But I don't believe that I should have to do that. That's

why I am waiting for an alternative to PTCL to be opera-

tional in our katchi basTi. Then I'll just dump 'em.

Sheikh 'Na-Na-na-na, Hey-hey-Hey, Goodbye' Chilli

contact with ptclcares on twitter. they are real technical guys. Send them your line stats and tell your story. they will call you with in 1 hour and and take all the matter in their hands. Your problem will be solved with in 24 hrs InshAllah. I am very satisfied with their response.

Guy's do remember we are living in pakistan. long time ago i worked as Call Center Agent so i know the trade a little bit. And you should know that they have scripted answers for everything, and most of them are not that much technical what you expect them to be. This is "pakistani awam jo kisi bhi tarah apni jaan churana chate hai. ulte seedhe jawab de ke".

I will advise you to visit your local exchange and meet with the engineer or any technical person there.