Strange Battery Behaviour

I possess Nokia 5800. I have to travel frequently between Lahore and Karachi. I have observed a very strange behaviour of phone battery. When I am in Lahore, the battery drains out very quickly (in 48 hrs) and when I am in Karachi, the battery lasts for 5 to 7 days. Can any one explain the reason ? and how can I extend the battery life at Lahore ?

^ Don't make as many calls from Lahore. Simple. ;)

hmmm....are you experiencing this right now i mean winter? if you are than one possibility could be lahore is colder than karachi, and in cold environment battery loses charge fast versus in karachi where winter is not that cold during daytime so in warm/hot environment battery keeps charge longer

if that not the case than i agree with asad don't make as many call s from lahore ;)

Or maybe the area in which you are staying in Lahore has very low signals and the cellphone has to use extra power to maintain a connection. On the other hand the signals are good in the area where you are staying in Karachi, so it uses much less power. This happened to me in defence area in Karachi where there are so many buildings that it's difficult to get even one bar on mobilink.

You guys are justified to think of extra ordinary usage at Lahore than Karachi which is the main cause of quick battery drainage. But the matter of fact is opposite. The usage in Lahore is rather less as compared to Karachi.

Yes, its ture that there are low signal problems at LAhore where I reside. If this is the main reason for more battery consumption, then I've got an answer to my problem but not the solution. Of course then the only solution would be in the hands of Mobilink service which I use or I should switch to a healthy signal provider. Thanks buddies!