Steve Jobs steps down

Surprisingly the CEO of Apple company, Steve Jobs steps down as CEO and resigned from his post of CEO.

People all around the world were expecting iPhone 5 but the biggest news from Apple is about Steve Jobs.

Full story at many websites, here is just two...

What's so surprising? He had health issues and there were even rumors about his death sometime back.

I don't really care I use pc. and an android mobile phone :lol:

Ijaz! you happy now :(

Considering how Tom Cook is gay, I've got a feeling I *might* not be so thrilled to watch another one of Apple's keynotes again.

Tom Cook is gay? Is that the reason y jobs appointed him. Lol.

Otherwise who cares, its not the world will end by his step down as CEO.

Steve is much more than simply the man who was owner of Apple, his influence is far reaching beyond that.

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