Stereo system (audiophiles advice Req)

I want to buy a good quality stereo system for my brothers computer can any one suggest me any cheap but good quality stuff that i can buy preferably from Pakistan or from UAE (leave the shipping cost only from UAE .) don't post links to amazon or ebay as i cannot get them from there with inexpensive shipping

Please Avoid Logitech or any other cheap quality pair of computer speakers and any new and old system suggestion are welcome. Speakers can be active power or a pair of book shelf with an cheap amp can also be considered but it should be least expensive . I am unable to find any cheap sony or pioneer bookshelf speaker in UAE or Pakistan . Also if any one can mention any place in Karachi where I can go and check some inexpensive quality audio stuff will be appreciated

Things I have in mind is ...

1. Behringer MS16 .
2. Wharfdale ( cant find any cheaper)
3. edifier studio monitor 1600TIII.
4. M- Audio AV 30 or AV 40 (but cost is too much ).
5. Any Cheap AMP to power passive speakers if required.

All the suggestions are welcomed so feel free to suggest cost should be as low as possible or lets say less than 120$( can extend to some extent) any one who can bring me a pair of good quality speakers in the minimum budget are also welcome to post about their service and charges ..... People are also welcome to share their experience about inexpensive stereo system they have..... and names and reference of any person selling vintage stereo systems in good condition can also be considered.

your requirement and buget description is confusing.. too much of too much..please simplify and narrow your choices... such open choice from amps based speakers to bookshelves etc, canot get any simple response..

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your requirement and buget description is confusing.. too much of too much..please simplify and narrow your choices... such open choice from amps based speakers to bookshelves etc, canot get any simple response


thanks for responding well if you find the choices confusing i would say ignore the choices I have mentioned just focus on the price tag of 120$ and provide your suggestion for what would be the best solution for stereo that can be purchased in this amount using any sort of combination of new and old gear to be connected with a PC.

Just for your reference :

I am getting Behringer MS16 studio monitor for less than 120$ and Edifier Studio monitor 1600TIII for less than 100$ from Dubai , but is it a better choice for enjoyable audio solution i have no idea i am only relying on the words from internet.

I was also considering if a cheap pair of bookshelf speakers can be paired with a low cost amps such as lepai mini amps if any such cheap amps are sold in the local market would give much better solution ?

or a used amp with a used book shelf speaker would be much better ? I am not an expert on these matter so i am seeking expert opinions from people who have knowledge for hifi gear and knows what sort of gear can be purchased in the Pakistani market or can be purchased from dubai in the least amount of money......

buying from dubai and from PK are totally different things..

1 - Dubai is a market of brand new latest model stuff at highest prices ..and sicne it slatest stuff, you canot have bargains or deals on it.. very difficult to find unless you live there and know about their black market area.

2 - in PK, there is very little choice in new, since audio is not our main market as its a luxury. however you can find a few shops with imports and they will charge more than dubai due to shop profits and importing costs and duty etc.

3 - your other option is used amps and used speakers.. you will be able to get 10-15 years old sets for a quarter of their price and you can find huge range of mega powerful speakers and amps.. those are passive speakers of 8-10 in woofers, and amps with over 100W per channel power.. but 120$ equivalent wil get you stereo can add surround latter

4 - both your monitors are small bedroom speakers with built in amps for space saving and cost.. while both will produce adequate audio for films and desktop usage.. donot expect anything loud beyond the room,. they are limited in audio reproduction as in music as medium volumes at max. just a barely decent listenable expeerience.. i had used edifiers before and they are just barely listenable at higher volume or out of room.. purely meant for desktop usage, for which they do good job especialyy the behringer in Games,.

oK i take your opinion so how about u give me some concrete solution like what should u think i should buy and where should i go and look for it ? some contacts references or any product recommendation..... I can leave surround at the moment and consider stereo but for me clear sound with good sound-stage is more important than a loudspeaker

@farhan_ds Good market analysis - is it the same thing with the PC/laptop market?

@ wire..

almost yes.. but dubai electronic items for home use are cheaper than here in PK for models that are not launched here officially.. that is because there is a black market there for half price items., and refurbished or very slightly used laptops for 20-30% off price, including warranty and all bags and accessories.


sorry i missed your post..

for audio , there is never a concrete solution.. i seriously dislike Bose noise cancelling headphones while other die over its name.. its all a matter of personal choice..

the main thing is buget.. over the years, my house sound system has cost me almost over 1.5 lac in major increments.. but finally i have a loud music sound with rumbling strkers that shatterd by cieling and broke off my almari doors off its hinges..according to my taste..

a quality used kewood pioneer or denon/yamaha amps should cost around 7-8k .. average quality but super looking speakers would be around 5-6k per pair.. quality sounding speakers wont be larger but will cost 1-2k higher.. that depends on the model of the speaker. you can then add a pair of small shelf speakers for treble and mids and that would cost aroud 1500rs... so 2 large main speakers for main sound and bass, and 2 small shelf boxes for mids and dialogue clarity..but you canot turn volume high on that because the small speakers will burst.. they can go very loud but higher than a 3-4 volume will be risky.. fortunately they are cheap..

This is a very very good setup for home use.. you can even skip the small speakers entirely, and add 2 more large speakers latter on, and have a complete sound stage...

the ideal would be to get 2 with large speakers, and one with small speakers so they produce even sound and have independent volume controls..and a separate passive Woofer with seperate amp...but you would require a source with 2x stereo outputs, ie. a PC with a high end Xfi sound card and proper software... that is a very high end setup meant for audio philes, home theatre enthusiasts or nut cases like me..

for basic desktop use, Edifier and creative giga works would be in your range and affordable too.. most people prefer Edifier cuz of lower price and somehow they say it has better sound.. in any case, a wooden body speaker is always deeper in bass than a plastic body speaker.

Audionics are also promoting a lot of their home systems with built in bluetooth and iphone android docks.. they are tacky looking but large speakers with built in amps and flashy lights and LCD displays for ease of use, and ultimate shookha pun.... they have all their models on their website..