Stealth games

^hmm....interesting indeed. A ubi soft project. Online Stealth game thats nice.

I'm still playing Tenchu, it real stealth game also time consuming, AI level is real tough and I LOVE IT!

^AI is really tough indeed, but can be taken out quickly if stealth is used. I normally run then jump at their back, to go for an aerial kill, but you have to practice a lot, especially in tight spaces, and when enemies are further from each other. Also I can't seem to utilize weapons very well, I mostly miss....

Ariel kill is a tought thing to do. I need more practice perhaps.

Stealth games to take a completely different skill from the shooters, and many people are too lazy to try to be smart when trying to reach their goals.its just a simple sack-and-shoot and much less easy to see the enemy and plan a route around it.

Hey Ahmad...Play VALVET ASSASIN its really tough stealth game....

^I'll play that too. thanks.