Stealth games

Hi guys! I'm tired of playing Fps now i wan't some real Stealth or action stealth games. Recommend me some new ones!

I created this thread for my need. But you can use it for further Stealth games discussion.

Well which ones have you played (mention Platform)?

Which gaming platforms (PC/Console) do you currently have?

Everything PC!

I've played a few stealth games which include:

Batman Arkham asylum

Splinter Cell series complete(on PC)

Theif series,

Assassin's Creed 1 & 2,

Hitman upto Blood money (never checked if there was a release after that!)

And ofcourse the mother of all stealth games METAL GEAR Solid snake, although i've also played "sons of liberty" but it was on my cousin's console.

Uh!?! I cant really recommend anything but if you are hardcore stealth fan then why not play "Tenchu" series on an emulator.

Tenchu has a great story and some really hardcore stealth. Its a PSX game and you will be able to play it on an emulator.

Also have you tried Manhunt and its sequel?

i have played a part of manhunt don't remember which one. Ok i'll play tenchu and have thoughts about it. Just recommend anything!

You could try 'Escape From Butcher Bay'...AFAIR it had some stealth elements in it.

'Death To Spies' was another one I remember...but it was a really, REALLY hard game.

^I've played Death to Spies, it wasn't that much hard,play cool and you'll be fine. "Escape From Butcher Bay" i'll add it to my list. Thanks.

woah!! guy like you haven't played "Escape from Butcher Bay" yet!!??

you gotta play that game.

btw its in FPS mode.

^Thats why I didnt recommend that game. But then its stealth isnt really stealth. I found Far cry 2's stealth kills more satisfying.

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woah!! guy like you haven’t played “Escape from Butcher Bay” yet!!??

you gotta play that game.

btw its in FPS mode.


I’ve not played Chronicles of riddick not any aprt i’m downloading it now. I think i’ll play the other part too.


How would YOU rate the element of stealth in Far Cry 2?

its pretty challenging. You can buy silencer weapons, and kill your opponents without them realizing. You can shoot a gas tank and they wont know where it came from. You can go for stealth kills up close with the machete. You can completely avoid enemies by driving around it. But if you get spotted then they really really go after you with everything, at an acceptable distance ofcourse. After all they cant run after a car.

I'd give it a firm 7/10.

Try Tenchu as its stealth beats even MGS. (Hide bodies, shirukens)

Started Tenchu Wrath of heaven, its fun! Its real fun!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!

I'll recommend it to every one unless one is a graphics whore!

Glad you liked it. But I think you should play the first and second part on an emulator, to get a better understanding of the game.

^Ok i'll. :)

my all time fav was "prisoner of war" old but i still personally consider it best stealth game ever :) try it bro you will love it

Man you reminded a fantastic game. I've played it several times few years ago. YEa! it was stealth! last two chapters! they were REAL hard!

Syphon Filter?

Syphon Filter was never really a stealth game. It had a few stages that required stealth but it was not a requirement generally. But definitely it was a fun game, and I loved sniping enemies with a pistol. Also loved the air taser as well

Hey new online stealth game

"Bloody Good Time"

Looks interesting