Stay AWAY from Doctor's Hospital, Johar Town, Lahore!

Read this here: Really Sad News: My Friend's 3 Year Old Daughter died because of Negligence

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One of my very good friends Aqeel, lost his 3 year old daughter (Imane) on the second day of Eid when he had to take her to the hospital (Doctor's Hospital, Johar Town, Lahore) for a minor checkup because some hot water had fallen on her cheeks and she was feeling panicky. The parents panicked with her and took her to the hospital where a house attendant (or so it is being claimed by the doctors) gave her 3 doses of an injection which was not meant for children. The poor girl died at the spot.

Why I am posting this here? Well, I just want to speak out for the parents. This hospital and the doctors are to be sued for what they did. Aqeel even tried to contact TV media but whichever channel posted the news reel, it was without the name of "Doctor's Hospital"... I mean, this is how weak we actually are??? We talk about media freedom and we love to scold our President, but when a Threat lies just within us not even above us... and even when there is evidence available... we zip it :(

Please pray that the little girl gets peace and those basterds get what they deserve!


That hospital should be on a blacklist. :mad:

The media, yet again proves itself as the irresponsible entity that it is. Instead of properly investigating the incident, they are hiding crucial information and not divulging the name of the hospital. They only have time for spreading propaganda by politicians and useless reporting on Meera's follies. :mad:


well i agree Stay AWAY from Doctor's Hospital, Johar Town, Lahore!!!

here is my own 1out of 2 practical experience with ths hospital, if any one curious i can narrate my second exp. as well

i live in Johar town lahore.... about 2 years back my mother slipped on floor and her hand's joint was dislocated, we took her to Doctor hospital, coz it was near from our house, after x-ray (they charged 2000 for emergency X-Ray) the Dr. said that she need be operated, and u might know that bone operations are very dangerous and u get years to recover (they were saying to put some plates etc), and said that you arrange for costs of operations , told me about 25000PKR right that time... so i called my father he came and talked with Dr. , my father said i dont trust this hospital, we will take her to other hospital , so brought her to Nasir hostpital (bones spec.), canal bank , muslim town , and after seeing the X- Ray the doctor said tht she dont need operation, must be a foolish doctor said u for that,,,,he put plaster on it , and my mother's hand was ok in 30 days.

the only thing the this hospital cares is money!!!!. the most expensive but worst hospital in Pakistan IMO is Doctor hospital , johar town lhr, ........ owner of ths hospital Dr. Mubashir lives in USA, and was part of American drug intelligence during Bush reign.

the forum rules are restraining me from expressing my expressions for these SOBs...

i wish worst happens to the SOBs responsible for death of that little girl...

:mad: WTH?? This hospital should, for sure be blacklisted... In fact, a criminal case should be launched collectively by all the people who have bad, or in this case, fatal memories due to this 'hospital'....

I just forwarded this via SMS to all my lahori friends/relatives, & hopefully they'll forward it to others aswell.

And I say F*** these kinda doctors & hospitals .

Guys I will take more then 200 print out of this incident and I will post it on Ayub medical complex walls and two other universities ..I hope these a-h** will be sued.

How cruel of these Doctors. May allah bless that little soul. I knew about their overcharging but this.....this is out of limits. They can escape from man but not from GOD. I'll be informing others about this incident in anyway i could. There should be action taken against them but blacklisting is not the proper solution for these kind of problem,there should be penalty on the hospital and the responsible person should be caught and punished.

Doctors today are not sincere to their patient but money.

As for media..... it only reports the news which can bring more viewers to them.

Hospital should be sued by her parents and blacklisted for sure

there charges are so high that SOB don't even bother operating the patient lying on death bed and in return what do you get deaths due to negligence wah reh doctors...

Oh God! :( Poor Little Girl....! :(

I am absolutely disgusted. I hope these people are brought to justice.

very sad indeed

just few weeks back what these doctors have done to Huma Waseem wife of waseem akram

The cause now has a website:

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The cause now has a website:

I have sent my experience to that person on his req … well i know many people who will testify ths that this hospital is a slaughter house…

people keep in mind title of this thread , this hospital is considered as no.1 hospital for heart , but the truth is that their success rate is much low, dont know why people use to go there for heart operations, i dont have exact figures but u will surely get astonished by knowing the charges of heart operation in Doctor’s hospital.

this is the picture of tht slaughter house…

^ Good work!

I shared a link of this thread on facebook, and now shared one of the site, that's the least we can do, so I'd suggest people here to do that.

This along with National hospital(which is under investigations for poor treatment of Huma Wasim wife of Wasim Akram) are the two most elitesist hospitals in Lahore.

Thanks a lot guys for spreading this, everyone deserves to hear this. Also the website has been updated;

Please leave your comments and especially share your experience with Doctor's Hospital in the "Contact" Section.

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This along with National hospital(which is under investigations for poor treatment of Huma Wasim wife of Wasim Akram) are the two most elitesist hospitals in Lahore.

In fact, Doctor’s Hospital was the one who told Wasim Akram that his wife is “OK” to travel and she died during her travel. So, Wasim Akram is also part of our cause, May Allah’s support and guidance lead us to the right path and victory, and we are able to save others from this so-called-institute-for-life"

Can't you recall what was the compostions of the injection or else the name of the injection, just name what might possible. Were any blood samples taken for autospy ?