Stats Check

(ZXDSL 831Cll)

ADSL Line State

Current ADSL Line State

ADSL Mode Setup Auto Sync-Up Annex Type Setup ANNEX A/L

Current ADSL Mode ADSL2 Current Annex State ANNEX_A

ADSL Up Time 3:07:33

System Up Time 4:19:55

Downstream Rate 1024

Upstream Rate 254

Latency Type Fast

Line Coding trellis on

SNR Margin US/DS 32.9 / 42.1

Line Attenuation US/DS 19.0 / 28.0

Power US/DS 11.3 / 19.0

Attainable Down Speed 12196

Link Up Times 3

Line State Showtime

I WAS THINKING OF UPGRADING FROM 1Mb To 4Mb, are these stats allright??

They look good at least theoretically for an upgrade. But you will never know for sure until you do.

I would say go ahead, we know what the worse could happen right...? :lol: