Stationary Printers in Lahore?

Hey do any of you guys know any good stationary printers here in Lahore ?

And any estimates on what letter heads and visiting cards would cost ?


If you go to Nisbat Road, Patiala Ground, there are many printers. They will do the job at low price.

Visiting card from Rs.1 per card to Rs.5 per card depending on the paper you like and number of colors and other finishing like mat or glossy lamination or special shape. Same for letterheads.

Quantity of cards or letterheads also matters. More quantity - less cost.

However, if you like to get your job done more nicely by the graphic designers with proper color scheming, logo & theme then yes there many design and print companies in Lahore.

Thanks Ahmad, I'll look into it.

hmm in KHI they print 1000 cards for Rs.300.