Stars Channels illegality?

Star Sports Channels, Star world, Star movies, Nat Geo etc officially closed down their business in Pakistan from 31st December 2014, and this was made public through an official announcement. So my question is that how come many cable operators are still offering to show these Channels on their "Digital TV Boxes"??? If these Channels have officially closed down their business here in Pakistan than is it legal for them to still show these channels on Digital TV?? It is being said that PEMRA is going to abolish analog cable from 31st December 2015 and make the digital TV transition compulsory, does it mean that from then onwards these illegal channel won't be available on Digital TV Boxes in Pakistan, since Digital TV would then become formally bound by PEMRA's legal premises?? What is the cheapest and safest way of accessing these channels in Pakistan today???

Yes they are being shown illegally in Pakistan through illegal Indian DTH services. Most amazing fact is that PEMRA can't even control PTCL's IPTV let alone desi cable walas.

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Posted on: Nov 30, 2015

Pakistan starts crackdown against illegal Indian DTH services

Karachi: Pakistan’s electronic media watchdog has started a crackdown against the illegal provision of about 2.5 million Indian Direct-to-Home (DTH) services in the country’s major cities ahead of its plans to award official DTH licences to investors. “Already around 3,000 DTH equipments have been seized in Lahore and Islamabad but the major illegal connections are in Karachi,” Fakharuddin Mughal, a spokesperson of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA) said. The crackdown comes as PEMRA is preparing to award official DTH licences to Pakistani investors in December. “This illegal business is worth around USD 150 million annually. Approximately this amount is earned by Indian DTH services and their agents in Pakistan annually from our market,” Mughal said.



I hate the star plus channels ....