Stable DSL and Internet light but no internet

Hello dear friends, I just found this forum and decided to take my chance to get some help.

Basically a month ago I just got internet setup. It was fine and all till 2 days ago while I was gaming online the internet just went out or restarted and afterwards I don’t have any internet.

The DSL light starts blinking, blinking gets faster and gets stable. Afterwards the internet also gets stable but there is no internet. I tried resetting to default settings and re-entering the username and password but no hope. I contacted 1218 and they said they will fix it in 24 hours (and send a man too) but nothing happened so far.

I’m in need of internet and I hope someone can quickly identify the issue. Right now posted from SIM internet.

Apologies for any typos since posted from phone. Thank you.

What were you line parameters before the issue occurred?

Try to contact PTCL CSR account on Twitter for quicker response or go directly to your exchange and talk to the SDO.

I don’t have (or use) Twitter or Facebook. The line statistics are fine any other idea?

Then keep complaining to 1218. Launch new complaint daily.

I find that complaining to 1218 is generally only the first step. The dsl guys only visit you if you contact them by visiting the exchange. I had your problem once when I tried to change my modem. Managed to make it work by turning off the main power of the modem and then turning it on. :stuck_out_tongue:

The other time this has happened to me was when I didn’t pay the bill on time.

If its not one of these, then its probably just your dp or something requiring a reset which the exchange guys can fix in like 5 minutes.

The local lineman can also do wonders if ‘chai paani’ is given, as detestable as that may be.

In fact, it’s always better to know the lineman anyway, if using PTCL’s internet services.