SPYWARE?irritating me a lot!

Whenever I start my computer.it threatens me about SPYWARE INFECTED message...I havent installed any ANTISPYWARE yet...I "ll do it in a day or two..inshallah..

My problem is that while I am using net,suddenly a message appears which is


and then my net disconnects and it dosnt reconnect until I restart my computer!!!

Is this due to spyware attack????

Which is good spyware??

or my computer has been under the threat of some VIRUS???I 've SYMANTEC ANTIVIRUS and I 've run it many times but it doesnt give any indication of virus attack???

What should I do???

symantic is not too good try avast or avg they are free and can be download off the net

GENERIC HOST WIN32 HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM i was having this problm too som time ago and why it z irritating the most that it disconnects u from internet eventhough the 2screens in right lower corner keeps blinking this problem can b due to several reasons & it z not particular of spyware.u try to google search and u will find different solutions actualy this error z one of fatal errors which z not easy to resolve u better install a new and good copy of windows if u can thatz best solution i think.About anitviruses i hav used b4 AVG and now i m using AVAST but my experience tells that avast z far better then AVG in protection it detects viruses most of time.

avast will not clean viruses that are already there on the computer

try nod32!

nod32 and kaspersky

use both of them

1st use kaspersky

perform a clean sweep then use nod32 and perform clean sweep

and keep nod32 it eats less memory

and do keep an anti spyware like spyware doctor or else with an AV


u are perfectly right..

I have followed the steps for resolving the problem as per mentioned in the GOOGLE..

let's see!!!!!!

In future, be careful about the software you install. You never know which legitimate-looking software will install a malware on your system or screw up your registry.

Yes kasperski z v good but v slow performance too if u do a deep scan u wil hav 2wait for hour.I used nod32 it z v good for it takes v less memory dsnt make pc busy but why i uninstaled it z the thing when u try 2do updates online it checks if key z genuine or not&stop updating.Avast gives u v small updates definations v easy 2update daily even on dialup+6types of protections(web,p2p,messenger & d most important z real time protection which z a must hav thz days.Well guys tel him solution 4his generic host problem 1st bcoz it may not b relatd 2spyware or virus.

nothng is working and the problem is as it is!!!!!

why dont u try to upgrade xp to service pack 3 it iz freely available on microsoft website just size of 316MB this might solve your problem bcoz it includes many updates and all previous hot fixes + u wont have to format your disk it will just upgrade.

no i have solved my problem with the help of friend GENERIC HOST Win32..any1 facing this problem can ask me for help..i can help u out for solvin this problem....

now the next remain the problem of SPYWARES..

i have tried AVG ANTISPYWARE but it is not detecting any spyware...

however,I installed ANTISPYWARE 2008 from net and it has detected 62 spywares in my PC..oppps....

But when I ask it to remove those SPYWARES,it asks for REGISTRATION....

What should I do??????