Spotflux stopped working on Evo Wingle

I was wondering if anyone can help me with this problem.

I am using the white PTCL EVO Wingle dongle on my laptop and use spotflux for VPN connections.

The wingle was working fine (chrome and skype were working) until last night. Spotflux was also working normally.

This morning when i turned on spotflux nothing works. I cant browse, use skype or anything else. Chrome gets stuck on "Resolving Host" The problem goes away when I close spotflux. Basically Spotflux has stopped working on Wingle. (It works fine on my DSL at home)

Spotflux connects and everything but windows says my VPN has no internet access. I re installed the latest version of spotflux but no luck.

Help will be appreciated.

Do u have same DNS for both DSL and Wingle connection?