Splitting video file

I need software through which i can split large video file into smaller files. plz suggest.

I would heartily recommend Ultra Video Joiner. I have used it

and it's so easy, intuitive and there are enough options avail-

able to turn out handsome results.

I am using Ultra Video Joiner 5.2.0108 build. Try and get the

registered (full) version (hint: torrents), to get a working copy.




Sheikh 'Cut n Join' Chilli

Well you ask for something simple and fast. The process of editing video's is so complex (for the computer, not the user) that there is nothing fast out there. The process in general home PC's cannot handle video editing to be fast.

Anyways, I use Nero (I think its called something like Nero Vision Express) and ShowBiz (forgot the company that made it, maybe Adobe or something).

They are both VERY SIMILAR, ShowBiz is easier to use, and Nero has more options (customized file converting). If you know a little bit about computer/videos/electronics etc. then use Nero. If you don't take interest in these things, and you just want something, use ShowBiz. They both have everything you want, are very similar, but with minor differences.

You can use any file splitter. It will also work not any special video joiner software.