Split-second outage over UPS on power source switching


I have some computer equipment installed behind a UPS. The power drawn from UPS is DC 5V/2A. The problem is that when the power goes out and UPS takes over, there is a split-second outage which reboots my devices.

Is there a technical solution to it besides getting the expensive UPS-for-computers setup? A friend suggested to connect a capacitor in parallel to output terminals of UPS. Has anyone tried that?


From your description, I am not clear about your equipment layout and ratings.

I have a USB hub taking power from UPS which gets reset on switch of UPS power source from wapda to UPS batteries. Its adapter says 5V/2A max rating.

A capacitor (or couple of 'em) could help. Try it on the output of the adapter.

Thanks. Can you kindly specify the capacitance value based on my adapter rating?

Not without knowing more details which you won't be able to measure.

Start from 330uF and try 1000uF, 2200uF, etc if that doesn't work.