Split A/C FAST

Dear All

Anyone can give me rough idea of FAST split Air Conditioner price second hand? someone is selling me an A/C, it has been used for 1 year. The price mentioned is 17,000 Pak rupees. Is it fair?


^ Size of that AC ? 1 Ton 1.5 Ton?

May I inform you that recent changes to budget has made ACs sort of cheaper than before, just check out the NEW AC prices somewhere and compare.

second hand price of ac depends on various factors including how much tons is it?

before buying a ac get it checked from ac mechanic who can immediately tell if its been repaired.

It is one ton.

the split ac's 2nd hand outside component is available in the market from 10000-15000 rs(depending on tonnage and brand)

A 2nd hand inner component is available from 3000 rs.

for just 4-6 thou more, you could buy a brand new one ton split ac from the market. The risk is up to to you.