Split A/C cooling reduced

from the last two days my 1 ton LG Split A/c isnt cooling the way how it normally cools.

when i set the temperature to 18degrees .. and after one hour when i check the room temperature it shows 25degrees

Ive kept the A/C on all night long but the temperature wouldnt decrees..

Can it be the Gas has become less??

can anyone guide me how to troubleshoot before i go and hire a A/c repair guy..

The only kind of troubleshooting a normal user can do is to check whether the room is properly sealed, and whether the AC is doing some cooling at all or just running the fan. Place your hand in front and feel the cooling yourself or check for compressor noise.

You will eventually have to call the repair guy. Only they can pinpoint the problem.

ajority times, the problem is with the low pressure of gas.. in years of use, gas pressure becomes less due to leakage or other issues.. so it is the repair guy who will check the gas pressure and refill if required

2nd but way less comon is leakage of the outer unit capillary.. this is tested by using foam soap water on them, but it requires opening the outer which you shouldnt do yourself

3rd and again very common is low voltage, but i doubt this is your case, since voltage is high these days due to rains and free dollars for IPP, .. but it could be.. you can check by using a voltmeter..

another tricky but rare problem is the AC itself going low amperes.. most of the times it is due to low gas pressure itself, thus ac is not going to the usual 8-11 amps it goes while on high torque... but there could be other issues with the kit.. again repair man is your best man..!!!

what are my chances ? less gass or leakage...

depends on what the repair man can diagnose..

both are solveable problems.. get the company representative to check first..