Speedtest results for 1Mbps?

I have recently upgraded from 512Kbps to 1Mbps. On speedtest.net I get 1Mbps only with Wateen's server; almost all other servers don't take me beyond 512kbps. I have verified at different off-peak times as well with the same results. Similarly torrents max out at 512Kbps. All this make me think that within Wateen's network I am at 1Mbps but I am yet capped at 512Kbps for rest of the world. I asked their support and they said there isn't anything like that and I should clear up my browser's cache :-)

What are your speed test results who have 1Mbps connection?


Its getting worsen these days, I'm thinking of moving to some other reliable ISP.

I have 1 MB package and I get full-speed on servers (and sometimes 1300 kbps) other than Wateen during day-time (and sometimes at other times as well). If your Rx value is below -75 dBm, it will guarantee this, which rarely happens for me...

this in on worldcall


this is on wateen telecom


and i am too on 1 mb link with wateen

(1) On Wateen's Lahore server I am good:


(2) On World Call Lahore server I am only half as good.


(3) Same goes for NY server


So, in summary, I only get 1Mbps on Wateen's own server and no where else (even if I try it during off peak hours). I might momentarily go beyond 512Kbps but on average I am always near 512Kbps. That means:

(a) Either there is not enough bandwidth connecting outside Wateen's network

(B) Some kind of rate throttling is in effect by Watten

© Some configuration is wrong for my account, while they shifted me from 512Kbps to 1Mbps

By the way this controlling of user rate; is it on base stations or is it done elsewhere?