Speed Up Windows 7 Using an SSD (Solid State Drive)

When Firefox crashes, this could be caused by various reasons. The common cause of this is a wrong set of settings that prevent the application from running correctly. If there are problems with the plug ins or if there are errors in the registry, then Firefox will also most likely crash. follow the bellow steps to get repair it.

Step one is to restart the computer. This will often fix things if the glitches are not that serious. Firefox, as a leading browser, is not easily damaged. Often, slight problems or issues can be dealt with simply by refreshing the system or by restarting the PC. Once the settings, files and options have been refreshed, the problems will fix itself. When the computer starts again, check if Firefox is working properly. If it still crashes, re install the program. This way, the computer will be able to better process the necessary files and it can rearrange the mixed up old settings that could be causing the problem. I found a link on another resource, i hope it will solve your issue www.techyv.com