Speed issue help me please

the problem is dsl changes data rate when i reboot the modem.

recently i change internet dp because the line man tell me to do so(faulty) now i have very serious problem my snr values up and down and data rates changes every time

i checked every thing especially dp i cleaned up pairs but not worked guys help me whats going on here i have 4mb connection.KaOI6.jpg

Likely SNR/attenuation issues. Your connection will keep disconnecting and re-syncing at reduced speeds to try to establish a connection. Get your pair cleaned at DP joint and also at joint where cable comes inside premises. Alternatively, get the line pair changed. Also, lodge a complaint with PTCL helpline.


In the past, I may have provided some suggestions, but, nowadays I believe it's better to leave PTCL altogether (unless you live really close to the exchange and line length is short enough to not cause any problems). The only upside to PTCL is the relatively generous usage cap of 300GB but I don't believe it's worth the trouble.

Now, for some alternatives:

Note: From our experience the 4Mbps package costs around 3,000 per month with minimal landline usage ... not including any other extra services ... and yes I also suggest getting rid of the landline together with the broadband ... losing landline will hurt for some time but you'll be glad later on!

- Local service providers: They might offer shared LAN or FTTH services at very competitive rates ... though services are usually limited to relatively small areas, like Nayatel here in Islamabad ... it is the preferred choice over PTCL ... the 5Mbps (55GB limit with unused bandwidth carried over next month ... unlimited from 8pm to 8am and on weekends) costs 2,400 including taxes and installment (Rs. 800 plan) for the ONT+UPS

- 3G/4G broadband: We also have Zong's Internet Sim and it is quite a good option for gamers ... game downloads are fast and consistent ... speeds for other media and browsing varies a lot ... the 50GB package costs 2,000 and the 100GB one 3,800 ... though sometimes they offer double volume via 'double offer' ... devices start from Rs. 500 for 3g usb modem to 4,500 for 4G router! Other providers provide similar packages!

Similarly, Steam downloads give over 1MBps (not 1Mbps) very consistently

- WiMAX: Qubee and WiTribe have updated their packages and have increased usage caps ... I would prefer Qubee's packages at this time if service is good for your area!

Hope you find a good solution!