SOPA/PIPA - What are your thoughts about them?

First of all, if you don't know what they are, read these wikis: SOPA & PIPA

Until recently, these seemed like smaller issues, but it seems they're getting bigger now.

First you'd only see anti-SOPA/PIPA banners on torrent websites, but now you can find them on all kinds of reputable websites.

Even Wikipedia:

And it seems, these policies are not only gonna affect the US, but rather the whole world in the long run...

So, what are your thoughts about them? Are you in favor of, or against them?

Lastly, watch this video just for the lulz.

following closly to US politics, SOPA has been shelved It will no longer be a threat for this year. PIPA is also losing support in the Senate. These bills are dangerous and they generally show the lack of understanding by politicians on how the internet works. I fear that internet censorship will take a huge step in the wrong direction in Pakistan in the coming years as seeing some of the absolute dumb stuff PTA has done ( ( The problem is in the US people can rally behind and defend their right to free Internet however same cannot be said for Pakistan.

^ I completely agree. There isn't a bright future for Internet in Pakistan...

Is this bunch of idiots known as "PTA" shifted to US Senate?

Hope so they are not idiots like Pakistani and Muslim Ummah regimes who treat their people like animals with national id card number.

par sano kieee

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Facebook founder and amateur butcher Mark Zuckerberg just came out against the bill,with a post on Facebook.

Internet is getting shittier day by day!

if SOPA and PIPA is applied . then the forums and site founders/admins would pay fines for every leaked contents and copyright material to be posted on forums . and each of us i mean users would spend 5 years in prison for making 10 penaltys .. WTF is wrong with the world !

Let me utter something unuttered. Production companies of Hollywood are hungry crows. They do not like it when people watch their films without feeding them. ''Secret hands'' do not like it when people expose them. Internet contains those websites which are exposing classified protocols, documents and top secret ambitions of such people. ''Some People'' do not like it if somebody is preaching his religion over internet. Oil companies, and other organisation which are controlling world after making it global village do not like it if somebody invents something which would flop their businesses in future. Since such inventors after not getting any attention or return are publishing their research work over internet for free for the farewell of people, they can not be harassed or stopped or legally murdered unless such bills are not passed. Since such companies, secret hands, and other secret organisations are controlling American government so they are willing to get these bills passed through senate. The speech is long and I do not want to write everything here because then people might not like it.


No, I like it when you talk sensible.

^^ For once you left that "holier than thou" cloak at home and used common sense. Bravo !

SOPA PIPA will fk up internet!!!!! its postponed for now x

ACTA is being signed in Ireland...

LOIC ftw

Despite protests, 22 EU states signed ACTA.