Sony Latest Xperia Phones Just Announced

After capturing Ericsson in there joint venture, Sony announced there latest line of Xperia phones

I watched the Keynote. Nothing too interesting there. Also it seems like if they have Android 2.3 which is a shame really!

Yeah, but they'll get upgraded to ICS, considering Sony's already taken out an ICS beta rom for some of the Xperia phones.

It seems Sony wants to go big with Android. I initially thought when the X8 (or was it X10?) came out (the first phone from Sony), they wanted to merely test out the waters.

But Timescape evolved, and so did their hardware (albeit a little slow in that department to evolve, but their cameras seem to do a good job).

Then we have the Playstation phone (Xperia Play).

And then a whole bunch of wonders came (Xperia Arc S - which has won a few awards as well). (I just decided to "dump" it because I was hoping it would have a front-facing camera - otherwise it probably would have been my next phone if nothing more affordable/good value for money phone showed up between now and the purchase date).

And now, we have the Xperia S, U and P.

I'm still wondering - WHAT in the world would we need a quadcore for? A phone's a phone, and it's not a tablet - and if people want to use their Android phones as a desktop, a dual core should suffice, unless you want to use photoshop on it...

Anyway - if I can get enough money (and financial stability :P ) I'd definitely go for the Xperia S (besides, it looks nice too!)

Actually the real giant is Xperia S, but it is actually 2.3.7 (Sony's own customised ROM) and monster screen quality without any doubt. More than any screen of available mobile phone.