Sony Laptop

Dear Brothers, i purchased sony laptop VGN-NR285E in may 2008. unfortunately water dropped on key board. now i want to replace the same. pl guide. sony recommended mega service centre in Lhr but their response is poor

^my suggestin to you is to get a USB keyboard and attach it with the laptop

cheap and simple solution

a drop of water causes that much problem to the laptop keyboard????!!!strange..isnt it..

He did not say a drop of water but water dropped...who knows how much water dropped.

exact thing happend to me with HP pavilion zt3000 but in my case i droped a soft drink:s

easy way is to carry a small size usb keyboard

Best thing to do in such a situation is to turn off the laptop, take the battery out and let it soak out for 2-3 days without touching it. It can save your laptop. I've had water fall on mine 2-3 times, its still alive and at it! :)