Sony Ericsson K800 Problem

my se k800 shuts down randomly.How I Can Fix That.I Took It to a Repair Shop Tha person told me it was a software problem.then he fixed worked well for 2 dayz but now again its actn up PLz Help

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Reflash it.

Otherwise give it to the service center.

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stop creating similar threads


try upgrading it over the air , it solves many problems. even if this is not correct then go to sonyericsson site and download their latest pc suite and also download the latest software for k800. Ur set will b fine , there is NO NEED to go to the shopkeepers again and again

@coolBouy How i update my software Plz Help

just go to and select ur phone model , then u will see a link of SUPPORT, go there and u will find product update , download the software and it will guide u how to update it .Trust me , i am a sonyericsson lover and i have used it many times , the only thing to mention is that u must have a pc with gud specifications. it must be minimum dual core with 256 mb ram. coz if u use it on low specification pc , then ur pc is slow down too much