Sony Debuts Palm Sized Fuel Cell


The fruit of Sony's efforts into developing a practical fuel cell technology was presented during the Small Fuel Cells 2008 conference in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday. It was the first time Sony publicly showed its prototype which impressed with its tiny frame measuring just 50 x 30 mm.

Sony's fuel cell uses methanol as its main source of fuel, and uses a regulator or a pump in controlling fuel supply, making it an active fuel cell system. In spite of the apparent dependence on methanol though, the device has a hybrid design and is equipped with an auxiliary Li-ion battery, DMFC array, and a control circuit, aside from the previously mentioned fuel regulator. And yes, it does exhibit hybrid mechanism--the primary source of fuel is supplemented with the power coming from the li-ion battery.

Sony's fuel cell prototype can cope with mobile devices' rising peak powers with its maximum instant output of 3W. Sony didn't give more details about the device, although the fuel cell can reportedly power 14 hours of 1-seg TV (Japan's mobile phone TV technology) viewing using just 10ml of methanol.


amazing - love the Japs -

what are we inventing????

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amazing - love the Japs -

what are we inventing???


taxes corruption u name it we have it

gud job.

But when it gona available along with addtional menthol?