Someone Please Suggest Any Digital Tv Services (karachi)

Hi To All Members,

I am looking for Digital Tv Providers in Karachi from which i can get sports channel like

Show Sports 4,Super Sports,Euro Sports and Fox sports.

If any of you have any info please provide me i need these channels badly Thanks :)

digital? did you mean HD?

ya Digital like PTcl Smart tv and Worldcall Tv ...


From ur username u looks like a sports freak like me but u r unlucky like me as well cauz the channels u mentioned above such as showsports and supersports are no longer available in our region. Supersport is gone forever however showsports is available in karachi but u will have to purchase osn HD showbox from middle east and then purchase a legal subscription from them and blah blah which is fair to say is not pretty possible. However u can get eurosport and foxsports which are currently being given by worldcall in islamabad and lahore, in karachi these channels must be given by worldcall as there is such no other option left. May be another forum member guide u in finding cable operator like worldcall in karachi.

^ WorldCall only provides us with 3 Sports channels in Karachi, namely StarSports, TenSport and Geo Super. Some time ago they used to switch StarWorld or StarMovies to ESPN when matches in English Premier League were being played, however they stopped doing that last year in november. I'm a sports freak so I'm disappointed with WorldCall.

We only had supersport receivable in our region which was the proper english language sports channel that covers each and every sport. Cable operators now are left with nothing other than crappy indian sports channels and our geo super which seriously sucks big time. There are channels available such as nova sports, sky sport italia etc but unluckily they try to cover their own sports mainly such as football, tennis, basketball etc...That's why cable operators are opting for ten cricket or any other channel that mainly focuses on cricket we know in our region.

@Santa Cruz Nova and Sky sports are good channel can we get this channels in karachi

^I know these are very good channels. I got tired of asking worldcall to provide atleast one of these packages but in vain. That's why i am going for dreambox card sharing thing which allows me to view channels of my choice at a pretty decent price. U also too can have dreambox in karachi, u can find discussion about dreambox in other threads that will give u broader understanding of this option.

From last 4 days I am asking my cable wala to provide me DVB-T digital receiver on which he's giving 200 channels and today he told me to provide me that box in a day or two as the new boxes are coming in courier.

What I wanna ask is, will it be possible to use any DVB-T receiver and watch the digital cable or will it require som specific encryption, protocol thins?

^^^First of all there is a bit difference between DVB-T and DVB-C, one is for Terrestrial transmission like Sun TV and other for Cable. DVB-T can not be used for digital cable. Cable walas provide DVB-C boxes not DVB-T. Secondly right now most of cable operators which are providing digital cable are not using any encryption system afaik. So any DVB-C receiver can be use to watch those channels bcoz they are free. There are DVB-C version of Dreambox but i have no idea if they are available in market.

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@Santa Cruz Nova and Sky sports are good channel can we get this channels in karachi

Im afraid not. They are available on Hotbird and its footprint hardly covers half of upper Pakistan. So chances are slim for Karachi even if you use the biggest dish available in market.

Well can we use DVB-S as DVB-C?

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Define DVB

DVB is short for Digital Video Broadcast, it is a same device as STB. It is a suite of internationally accepted, open standards for digital television maintained by the DVB Project, an industry consortium with more than 300 members, and published by a Joint Technical Committee (JTC) of European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and European Broadcasting Union (EBU).The standards can be obtained for free at the ETSI website after registration.

Why it called DVB-S

DVB-S receive signal via satellite.

Why it called DVB-C

DVB-C receive signal via cable.

Why it called DVB-T


^^^ Its totally different from both DVB-T and DVB-C. So again no chance my friend.


Yup shuak is right there. U cannot use DVB-T receiver with ur digital cable as it won't work. DVB-C is the standard for digital cable used not only here but all over the world. DVB-T is specifically for mmds technology like suntv which has wireless signal range of around 50 kms and them u use a down converter known as lnb to receive the signal. I have both DVB-T and DVB-C receivers and i have tried both but it didn't work at all. So may be ur cable wala is confusing the concept as most of these people usually do.

Hey imran do post ur channel list once u get ur hands on that receiver. Thanx!

Today finally I got a box from cable wala. The box has no name on it and same is the case on catalog. digital tv set top box is written only. version V2.14

A cable is coming in room. Now a splitter comes from where two outputs are generated, one is for the receiver and the other goes to tv aerial type input behing the TV.

Now cable is working with TV but digital cable isn't working and the channel search shows "No TV channel". I have searched it on manual, auto etc. The receiver has only one thing written on it i.e DVB.

Now I have called him several times and his reply is as always, "May Rastay may hu".


Rastay main he rahey ga. lol. I hope he arrives soon. Anyways the problem u r having there is cauz of specific frequencies used by cable operators. Most of digital cable frequencies start after 730Mhz and onwards. Either u search ur receiver completely from start to end or ask for ur cable wala to provide u with specific frequency range. If this is not the case then probably ur premises is not having good reception or in other words ur premises reception is not in the digital frequency range. Both things u can verify urself. Confirm ur frequency range first and then check the signal strength, if the signal is coming for atleast any one frequency then u have a signal but a weak signal which ur cable wala will improve. U can try this above method and then I can guide u further if problem persists.


Well I searched all three option (Manual, Full and Auto).

On Fulkl search it searched 17 channels and after searching it was showing that they are showing bad signal.

The frequency on which it searched was 594000.

I think he will have to increase the signal.

^Ur premises don't have signal strength that matches or comes in he range of digital channels. Don't go in cable wala bla bla instructions, simply ask him to improve ur signal and provide complete channels otherwise give my money back. The reason is that even u do get all of the channels this or that way u will face signal problems in the future and it will be depressing seriously. Atleast u must be getting signal strength of 40 - 50% on the last frequency cauz as u know that if cable reception goes down the last channels are affected badly and ur last three or four frequency channels which multiplies to about 40 will be gone and scrambled. So confirm ur signal strength as i mentioned and then let him install otherwise he won't come back again to solve ur problem as you know they usually do. It will become pain in the ***.

Well today he managed to improve the signal and the box got into working condition.

But the channels which he's giving on digital cable are nothing for me because of two reasons:

1. Most of th FTA channels on Asiasat3S and NSS6 e.g MH1, Zee Music, B4UMusic, ETC, Saara ONE, Sahara Filmy etc, DD, 9x, Star Utsav etc. are all available on my dish.

2. Most of th analog cable's channel like Hum TV and other crap are shifted to that box. Than why not keep only analog service in Rs.250 which is a bit cheap.

They giving 80 channels and still 20 to 30 channels are not working whose card they have to install. So, I will wait for new and complete bouquet of channels when this service got into complete service. Although few Dish TV channels are opened on it like UTV movies but most of the channels were FTA which I am still enjoying on my Dish on AsiaSat3S and NSS6.

And he was selling it to me at Rs.5000. #$%# off man.

I asked him can I get a receiver from market and his reply was no you can't as they are specially programmed.

LoLz they are programmed for a series of FTA crap and the guy is giving me another option to get this so called wonderfull service at monthly Rs.500.

No way man.

^lol. Programmed seriously u r kiddin me man! wow. He's just convincing u buy his own device and nothing else. Yup u should wait for its complete broadcast and then decide which service suits u better. Good luck with that bru!