Im desperate to get IPTV system but i dont know how it works, i want to watch mainly EU/USA channels in HD. I have a 16 Mb DSL connection. Someone help?

IPTV is a web-based subscription, they give you a channel list which can be accessed through an ID-Password

99% of IPTV services are illegal, basically they are rebroadcasting tv channels without paying royalty to copyright holders.

IPTV can be played on PC, Mobile or an IPTV Set top box. i.e. Android box, MAG250

It uses your internet to stream those channels, 16Mb speed is fine for HD

It is hard to find a service that offers lagless streams

I hope that helps

Thanks for info, can someone tell me where to find a lag free stream subscription? And how much MAG-250 will cost


As they say, it will get more sweeter as much sugar you put in. If you want cheap then for Rs. 500/month get PTCL’s IPTV (with set-top-box device and remote for your it) for your TV. For Android/Apple phones/tablets or for web on your latop. It may cost around Rs. 100~200/month. Channels have gone sh!t since Pakistan government went apesh!t on Indian TV channels and movies. Now they have blocked many English movie channels too. PTCL gives 1080 i (not p) channels. Some are true HD, some are just stretched over.

I have this (the device one) in my home but I don’t watch anything on it, some members of my family do use it, I personally don’t. It has some neat features like rewind, pause fast-forward. Watch program’s episode which you have missed. Also good for sports channels. For some channels, PTCL keeps recorded episodes up to a month or so. You can purchase movies (very limited library) or dramas to watch.

I personally stream lots of stuff. If you have a smart TV (Android based) then you can use it. If you don’t have one then get some Chinese made Android based set-top-box. You can try Amazon Fire stick or may try few other options. For me, Chinese stuff is better for “this” kind of streaming. Prices could be anything from Rs. 5k to 15k. Research (google) before you buy one. I personally use smart tv (quad-core decent processor), Android tablets, phones and laptop for streaming.

I mostly use Kodi for streaming. How to set it up and use it. Google is your friend. But it’s amazing. Once you get into the world of streaming/IPTV, you can’t go back to normal cable TV where if you missed something you missed it until rerun, or the bloody ads and of course, stupid censorship.

On Kodi, you can find many free streams of many international channels from third-parties. However, if you pay then you may get better quality channels like 1080p HD. However, keep two things in mind.

  1. Kodi itself don’t give you any pirated streams. It’s third party add-ons. Kodi is not responsible.
  2. If you are paying for pirated channels then remember you are paying to pirates. They can get one year fee and may disappear after a month or two. Which ones are more reliable? Nobody can tell. Research/Google/read forums/blind faith.

Now there is another world. Get a good quality paid VPN. Just say NO to free VPN (or corruption or whatever). Remember to communicate and clear your intentions to VPN before start paying. You want a VPN which gives you good speed, USA’s IP address, and allow streaming. It opens whole new world. Amazon TV, Hulu and Netflix etc.

Especially the Netflix. Once you go Netflix, you can’t go back (or black or whatever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:). I hope people didn’t get this joke. Anyway, get a Netflix account and stream it to Pakistan. Enjoy the “first-world” while being in “third-world”. Pirate with a class.

However, you’ll be paying monthly/yearly to PTCL (or any ISP), VPN, Netflix/Amazon/etc. It could be expensive but if you can afford it then be merry with it. However, just remember that any time your VPN can change policy and cut you off. In that case, go back to searching for another good quality paid VPN. If Amazon or Netflix detects that you are not from USA then they can terminate your account. Then you’ll have to find some way to get a new account, maybe new VPN too.

I won’t lie, there are some hurdles in this path. But once you get a good setup, you’ll be “Netflix and chill” :wink: :grin: :sunglasses:

By the way, if you want free streaming then stream the sh!t out of YouTube. I have been subscribed to many channels on youtube for years and years and watch them regularly. It’s just my thing.

You have three options:

  1. PTCL SmartTV … not truly open IPTV but rather a captive IPTV box giving you access to PTCL selected channels and running on PTCL Broadband … simplest and cheapest hardware solution … but not recommended due to limited preselected channels.
  2. Nayatel SmartTV (in Islamabad/Rawalpindi only) … similar to PTCL but with some different channels plus Nayatel’s in-house movie channels … requires Nayatel broadband connection … I am sure Karachi/Lahore have similar service providers…not recommended due to limited preselected channels.
  3. Android phone / tablet / box running Android 6 or above with Kodi 16.1 software (from Google PlayStore) as web interface. If getting Android box, get minimum 2GB ROM/16GB RAM, minimum quad-core S905X @ 2 GHz processor with penta core Mali-450 @ 750 MHz graphics processor (lower specs than this result in very frequent pauses for buffering … cost starts around $40 plus customs duty, taxes, etc. will add another 60%.

Netflix is officially available in Pakistan without using any VPN. You need Android box, AppleTV box, etc. to view it but after free trial period you need to pay for subscription.