Someone had VR Experience?

Is here someone/somebody had VR Experience on a mobile phone which really has Gyroscope sensor ?
( i wrote really because while searching i found some links using Xposed Framework on a rooted phone and installs Virtual Sensor to install Google’s Cardboard app ) but i want to know about phones with Gyroscope sensor, which phone’s which model used to have this experience? and what VR Box used ? was it simple google’s cardboard or any other? was it capable of viewing 3D videos and/or playing 3D games? etc.
please help to buy one here at Karachi. ( please do not tell me about searching on internet for it, i want you guys who had experienced it )

Google Cardboard. From Bytes.PK
LG G3. Works well, not perfect.

huawei c4 will work as well , google cardboard , VR box and so on .

thank you for both of you @FaatehRehman, @nadeem5476 to reply and share your experience,
FaatehRehman: some people are saying do not buy LG Smart Phones.
nadeem5476: is it huawei honor 4c ? also i had it but it is without Gyroscope sensor and play store refused to install cardboard app on it…

in Karachi here are also available Xiaomi Redmi 4A and specifications says it has this sensor but if here is anyone who has used it or any other which is in between 10,000 and 15,000 and inform, i will be mentally peaceful to spend some for my kids.


i have used huawei honor 4c and play and watched VR games / videos . it works perfectly , not sure about cardboard application installation but 200% sure that 4c can play and does play VR games and videos easily . i have VR box (not google cardboard) and i just simply install the games or save 3d videos / or VR videos and it works perfect . Also there is a CD with my VR box but i never checked whats in that CD :slight_smile:
i have this one

thank you nadeem for reply.
can i purchase this VR box at here Karachi - Pakistan? there is nothing mentioned about it’s make and model …
i will check with other apps to play VR images/videos on my Honor 4C and will inform ( will you please give me the name of apps ). i was trying to install google’s cardboard app and it refused so, i think that it can’t play it. checked it’s specs on gsmarena, mentioned that it has these 3 sensors: Accelerometer, proximity, compass the 1st and 3rd are used to play various VR/360 images/videos where Gyroscope is not present.
thank you again.

dear nadeem, will you please help answering my above posts ? which apps you used to play 360/VR on honor 4C ?

Brother there is no need to use any special app that will play the VR game / etc , u just need to install the game in your huawei 4c and then start using it . , if you own huawei 4c then simply goto play (android market place) and search for any VR game and install it in ur mobile and then put your mobile in the VR box and thats it .

thanks nadeem for your reply :slight_smile:
i was curious how to play VR / 360 videos from youtube.

I recently tried 360 videos from youtube on my Redmi 4A. There is sometimes a little stuttering while moving in any direction. Googling shows it could be due to 720p res of device while 1080p doesn’t have this issue.
Can anyone confirm if its true?

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i have ordered Redmi 4A 32GB Rs.14500/- and will check it, one thing must say, download an app Sites in VR ( it is FREE ) if not yet, it contains excellent VR videos of Holy Kaaba, Masjid-e-Nabawi Sall-Allah-o-Aaih-e-Wasallam and various other Mosques/Tombs and different places to amaze yourself and family/friends, not only 360 VR but some videos also have 3D effects included. every muslim should check it.

note: it is Turkish website but no problem videos are just to see as other 360 VR videos. please give your feedback for this app and recommend it to your family and friend circles.

another two apps to experience and enjoy 360 VR:



hi nasir,
hope you are enjoying with what you have in your life :slight_smile:

now i have Redmi 4A and a VR Box but there is a difficulty, if you can help, when i am inserting my mobile into VR box, there is a something to hold the device in it, it is creating problem, as my phone has power button on right side and when sliding it in VR box it is pressed by that thing and phone goes off :frowning:
i have to keep it on left side which means this will not in center as it should be… what i have to do for it?
i purchase VR box from yayvo(dot)com in Rs.750/- in a sale offered by them and off course it is chinese made.
what you suggest, i think i have to buy Google Cardboard v2 for this purpose but from where i mean a reliable source ?


Yes dear I am exploring things :slight_smile:
Congrats on your purchase of 4A and VR box. I don’t own a VR box yet but planning to get one soon. You can try some soft cushion type thing which is bigger than button height to place near power button so buttone doesn’t get pressed. These cushion type materials are provided some vr boxes but not with the one you have

Google carboard is not that comfortable as per some reviews. If you are in lahore then there is a shop in Iqbal town where they have vr boxes and you may check them…

Do post your review about the VR box and how is its imerssion level… is it worth buying for 3D experience?


This is related to your problem.

thank you for your help … again :slight_smile:
i saw it and with my VR box i found there are three pieces of cushion for this purpose and used it.
it was very pleasant experience especially my both cuties were very excited and i felt my soul filled with true happiness, they were laughing, rolling in home and how reacts and happy i can’t express my feelings seeing them enjoying the videos especially safari roller coaster (kids are pets lover :slight_smile: ).
i can really say that i recovered more than i spent to get those things, Shukr-Al-Hamd-o-Lillah

You are welcome…
Nice to hear that you have solved your issue… I have also ordered one from and with 4% more discount in 720Rs :smiley:
Yup being a parent nothing is more important than watching your kidos happy and enjoying. My kid is also excited to use it and waiting for it. It will be delivered on Thursday as they told.

So after you have used it you can say there is no issue using it like eye strain, lenses becoming loose and out of focus etc etc… ?


congratulations, now you have to bought some sweets for your kid(s) for what you saved :smile:

InSha Allah you will feel all true happiness in your heart when you will watch kids how they enjoying it :slight_smile:

about eye strain, definitely if we used it for a long time and even our children, it will affect on our eyes ( children has more stamina and they can view for more time than us )

about lenses become loose and out of focus of a VR box, it is on our use, some apps have to set manually and some didn’t.
i felt out of focus some times in app Sites in VR


Yeah will definitely buy sweets of Rs30 saving :smiley:
I feel excited as well as my kid so lets really feel the pleasure once I receive it. I guess I will have to buy one more after sometime as my kid will not easily leave it :slight_smile:
And my nephew is also planning to get one :slight_smile:

:smile: :smile: :smile:
the same here… both are fighting to have it and now i have to spend more for them, Allah will reward us - InSha Allah.
their cousins and friends will definitely be excited and their parents will blame us (may be some become angry) for these expenses :slight_smile:
enjoy the best feelings of this world.

yup true… I m expecting same at my home as my both kids will fight with each other… I tested using a magnifying glass to simulate 3d view and now my kid is also trying to do same and see how it looks :smiley:

Heard that there is a sale coming on yayvo on 19 may… maybe they also reduce price of vr box so I may plane to grab another box then and save 200-300Rs for more candies :stuck_out_tongue:

God bless us all… keep enjoying with your family :slight_smile: