Some of my websites

Well I'd love some reviews on these websites:



this one looks pretty good but some may complain that its based on too much flash

The header alone is in flash.. and it has a lot of traffic almost everyone has flash now :) Thanks for your honest comments though :)

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The header alone is in flash… and it has a lot of traffic almost everyone has flash now :) Thanks for your honest comments though :)

no i was saying that from the point of view of a slow/capped connection user

its 44 kb in size the flash header even on 56k i checked it loads in a few seconds :)

Good then! It looks pretty good! the design is pretty slick!

I cant comment on the content becuase i am not into programming etc so i will leave it for someone else

:) thanks for taking out the time buddy!

i like your photoshop tut website post more tuts gud luck

Thanks :)

surfnlearn is really good from the design point of view and the content hosted there, it just made it into my opera speed dial!


i wished, i had a site like surfnlearn seems like its powered by wordpress

its just amazing that you can do a lot of things with wordpress

Nope its on PHP :) Wordpress is pretty powerful though I am going to put it on

Ausman can you please guide me how can i setup a domain just like yours, how much money will required for this and what type of sites will get huge users forums, download, torrent, etc. If i start a site what benefits are for me?

Well the fact is to seriously want to make it out there you have to have a unique idea. Getting the domain registered is not a big hassle and will cost you more or less $10 and you can host it at a free host for a while before stepping into the arena and testing if you have the right idea and get the traffic you think you should in the first couple of months.

Although, if you have the right talent even a normal site or a blog can gain you some good cash from google ads. Though, you have to keep updating your content and keep interesting things that you think people will search for. You can start a blog, start writing about things you are passionate about, be it anything at all. I can't really explain it but anything can work. Concrete idea, would be to grab some scripts that really nice developers make and let you use for free. There are many forums and scripts you can utilize and don't need to work so hard. With a little work there is a lot you can do.

Otherwise, if you have a little know how of CSS and HTML it can take you a long way, if you give it the time.

What is your benefit?

Well, I wouldn't say you'll get rich this way, but I wont say that you wont get rich doing this either. I make enough to give it a few hours a day, I am trying to make it enough that I don't have to keep a full time job.

Another benefit would be that you learn something new, a new field you can look forward to, consider it as a hobby in the beginning and if you think you are getting somewhere, pursue it. I believe most people who are interested in this kind of work are already on the PC most of the time, why not spend that time doing something creative?

More over, what kind of site would work? If you know something and are good at it, no matter what it is, you can write tutorials, make videos.. Make random videos of things you see and post them, you could get an audience. Post them on Youtube too, but in the end of the video, just portray a message like ' more videos like these at '

You could start a forum too but if you do, make sure it is about something that is a real and very unique issue in this world and it is new, not too many forums should be there of that kind. Like a new TV series or something that's totally in or will be and you know about it.. Again, it should be interesting..

I hope this was helpful.. If there is anything else I can clarify for you please let me know :) looks very good, i really like it

thank you Ausman you're really helpful for me thanks again

:) Glad I could help!

Nice websites u got there

Good Work

Thank you evil_dust :)