Some info needed on name change

Salam all,

I want to change my , any body knows the procedure ?

I have few confusions in my mind regarding my educational degrees and bank account and domicile , should i have to change them all or just a certificate of approval of name change would do the job.

I want to change name completely , there is no spell mistake or like thing.

All suggestions would be highly appreciated.

i would also like to know. i would be happy if i could only change it for my cnic that i have and for my passport that i may apply for in the future.

There are 2 Options for you one is DIY and second is Lawyer

1. very Simple, go to Births and Deaths Registrar office ( which is a part of Municipal office in your location ). make there a affidavit for name change and submit it to them with some fee than Advt in to any major newspaper and your name changed

for changing name in bank or any other department you will need only copy of affidavit from your local municipality office and than submit it to your concerned department (like bank or school)

2. Contact your lawyer

edit: also attach a copy of new certificate with affidavit for to change name in bank

thanks for the info but i want to know do i need to change the name in my educational certificates and degrees also, that would be a lengthy process?

or the certificates with old name would work as normal?

and my domicile with old name would still be valid?



I never knew name change is this simple, I want my real name to be Zazzyo, I wonder how it would be pronounced though :D

its hell of a job, i wanted to change but quite due to all problems

A name change brings a very big change in your life if it matches your birth date