Some facts and figures about Coolermaster PSU's

Just found this thread at another forum and i think this suits best here. specially for people here in Pakistan who all so faithfully supports CM PSU's and think they are good.

eXtreme Power Plus 400W - Actually a 250W PSU due to fail ripple


Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 400 W is capable to deliver its labeled power at high temperatures. But as we always like to point out, maximum power isn't everything. This unit presents lousy efficiency and noise and ripple levels above the maximum allowed, which can lead you computer to present random behavior ("freezing", random resets, Blue Screen of Death, etc) and overload components. Therefore we can't recommend this product.

Elite Power 460W - A RELABELED ELITE POWER 400W that can't do over 420W


Cooler Master Elite Power 460 W is simply an Elite Power 400 W with a new label. The two units are absolutely the same (the only component that was upgraded was the rectifying bride, but this change didn't make any difference in performance). This is simply unbelievable. We wouldn't be surprised to see this kind of thing still happening in China, but here in the United States? C'mon…

Another example of false advertisement is the manufacturer listing over current protection (OCP) as a feature available on this power supply: inside the unit the space labeled "OCP control board" is empty.

This unit can't deliver its labeled power – like Elite Power 400 W, it can only deliver up to 420 W. To make things worse, this unit is sold for USD 10 more than Elite Power 400 W – an extra 33% profit for Cooler Master for counterfeiting their own power supplies.

eXtreme Power 500W - Fail ripple /

GX750 - ALSO fail ripple

I think this should be an eye opener for a lot of people. Better and cheaper power supplies are available in the market now so people do have a choice. They dont HAVE to go for a coolermaster psu anymore.

I have been eXtreme Power 600W for 3 years now, and I have no such issues. I also bought it cheap, and its cheaper than all the solutions.

Take your rant some place else

bin using cooler master 460 w with all the stuff underneath for a year now

No problems so far :)

and how about asus psu (450 watt with blue led)

i got the cooler master 460 W PSU

will get the HIS ATI 5750 GPU tmrow

lets hope this news is false and i dnt face any problems

@defury.....its not a rant or anything dude. some facts that i think should be taken into consideration. of course people like you who are ignorant would never get it so this thread was never meant for you

There are three other users who have refuted your claims.

BTW none of links work :P

Alienware is an internet retailer. He is also the distributor of xigmatek in Pakistan. That includes xigmatek power supply units. So he is just trying to discredit the competition. IMO there is nothing wrong with that as long as he also mentions what he does for a living so that consumers know that he is biased.

rokra, again I totally agree with you. Nothing is wrong with a healthy competition and of course I already knew about alienware :) .