Some basic question about domain and webhosting


^what type of website you are going to launch? how many visitors do you expect?


It is up to you to buy domain from any company and hosting from other! i strongly recommend you to acquire foreign domain name and web hosting services because they can offer you best rates with reliable service where as in local you can find bit expensive or uncertain service! Linux hosting is very common these days and they are cheap in rates an Windows Hosting is expensive

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It will be an educational website which will offer online courses. As this website is targeted to whole word so I will expect thousands of users.

And how do you plan to attrack these “Thousands of users” ?

use different services. for domain registration i would recommend namecheap

Do not use any local company. they are mere resellers. They will cost you more. Host your site directly on some foreign server.

cheap shared hosting package would be enough for you.

windows hosting is for asp sites and linux is for php sites. linux is more common and it is cheaper than windows hosting.

don't expect thousands of users until you market your website.

where are the questions usman hashmi ?

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where are the questions usman hashmi ?


Same is the question that i would like to ask… Your posts say edited… ? :lol:

Where is questions ?? im expert in hosting & domain services , u can ask questions

Where is the questions?