Solar System for 1 DC inverter AC

Aslam.o.ALikm :slight_smile:

I want to install solar system in my home. I belongs to district Bahawalnagar.

In summer season my I want to run only one AC 1.5 ton (DC inverter). While in winter season may be I put refrigerator fridge on solar system.

I am planning to buy 8x300W or 8x250W panels from wholesale Market in Rawalpindi. Solar Panel Brand is TrinaSolar.

Please guide me:

  1. Should I buy from that wholesale market? Efficiency of these panels is okay?
  2. Is Lahore market is cheaper than Rawalpindi?
  3. Should I buy 3KW inverter or 5KW?
  4. Which company of inverter have no issues/problems? Please tell me company name with complete model, So I can buy from market, If possible please also share price.
  5. Can I run my AC in day time without batteries?
  6. If I want to get backup for 3 hours, how many batteries should I install?

Experts please reply me with your valuable comments, I am totally confused after reading different threads.

Thank you :slight_smile: