Solar Storm

A solar storm is currently active and though initial reports suggest that it is a mild one, it could progress to gain strength later. This year's solar storm was being labeled as "Carrington Event 2" (in relation to Carrington Event 1 of 1989 which was the most substantial event of this kind for modern world), was feared to be biggest ever in recorded history. I even heard someone mention an alert from NASA (or some other agency) being forwarded around government circles (in Pakistan).

Thankfully, so far no power grid failures or other disasters have occurred, but in coming hours do watch out for strange activities related to your electronics. It is best to unplug your appliances in such an event.,0,1357976.story

Are there any documented instances of such affecting Pakistan in the past?

lolz is this the reason behind my DSL getting down after few minutes interval? :(

I haven't researched but seriously doubt there could be anything. While we are on the subject of documentation, are you aware of any online newspaper archive from Pakistani? Got hold of DAWN archive from some foreign site but nothing for any other paper. The Dawn archive is only 95 to 03. Too bad the websites don't offer this service to the public.

Try to have a sun bath next whole week, you mite develop super man abilities :)

Well basically our sun has seasons too like we have on earth. And sun has 11 year solar cycle which is on its peak in 2012-13 (increased number of sun-spots. Basically its natural but the problem is that the world or rather the developed world is juiced up with all sort of technological advancements which are dependent on electricity and thus on electrical equipments which are prone to destruction because of increased solar activity. Surely they wouldn't want to get back to the likes of 3rd world courtiers such ours IMO. So they are concerned. In fact they have such solar activity monitor station I guess somewhere in Colorado USA. Which activity monitoring solar activities day and night and assisting the world of aviation, power grids and satellite operators throughout the world. If some sort of increased solar activity happens as we speak, they will be first and probably the only one giving the rest of the world prior warning ranging from 8 min and 20sec to ~24hrs window....

Scientist are trying to study sun-spots for a while now and are basically trying to find causes for such solar activity to be able to successfully predict and buy more warning time and determine the nature of 'would be' solar storm or CME... i.e. how much time will it take the solar mass/wind or CME to reach earth (the reach time varies) and what is the polarity (magnetic) of that CME..

As far as PK is concerned, there's no concern about the concern.... heck, what have we got to loose? we already been prepared for black outs for years in the form of power outages aren't we? <_<

This solar storm is exactly like every other solar "storm" that has occurred since the beginning of the solar system. The only reason people are now paying attention to it is because we now can see them happening and know that they are coming, Don't sweat it.The worst that will happen is your cell phone might not work for a little while or gps system could be interrupted there will be nothing else to worry about


That's just not it. The amount of plasma ejected, the speed at which its ejected, the polarity of the mass and direction of sun's magnetic field along which the mass is ejected towards the earth are the key factors which could mean between your cell phones not working in some parts of the world and the entire world pushed back to the electrically dark ages for 10 or may be 20 years to blow away our atmosphere leaving all life forms to get fried like in microwave.

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Yay!!! Solar storm. The best way to test your equipment to extreme. It's nature doing it's QA. :)

But do makes sure that your 'equipment' doesn't get chopped off in nature's QAing.... :D

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