Solar panels cost

I intend to install solar system I would like to buy 3kva hybrid solar ups. Will prefer mppt (heard 96% efficiency compared to 70% of pwm)… There are a lot of same looking ones in the maker by many different vendors presumably all made by voltranic. Please suggest which brand to go and any price guess?

The real problem is finding good solar panel in college road I only found cheap cell garman or shell Aman or Tata all looked damn cheap and cost 6-7k per 150 watt solar.

Any idea what’s the prices of branded solar panels from good reputable manufacturers like yingli, sharp or any other and where can I find them in pindi islamabad.


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If you really want to have good quality, you may contact this company. I got a system installed from them about 2 years ago, and the performance is really good.

They are based in I-9 Islamabad.

wa alaikum HI

First thing first , u should set your mind that how many watts setup u want to install actually, the efficiency is of 2 types , one is of INVERTER and the other is of Charge Controller, u r mentioning PWM is actually a type of charge controller (PWM - pulse width modulation) and the superior type of charge controller is MPPT (maximum power point tracking) and in MPPT u will get the best output BUT BUT BUT this will b feasible only if you are installing atleast 450 watts of panels , bcz MPPT c/c needs some power to keep itself running and that power will come from Solar panels ! so first decide how many watts .
The other thing is inverter , inverter are of 4 types actually , but mainly there are 2 , modified sine wave and pure sine wave ! the pure sine wave inverters are best but again what would b the size of your setup ! and what you want to run on inverter and for how long u want to run ?
Once i will get your answer about the size of system u r gona invest into then i will b able in sha ALLAH to give u suggestion .

Nadeem Ahmed


Can you please give estimate (with component wise cost breakup) for good quality 2,000 watt and 3,000 watt monocrystalline systems with pure sine wave grid tie inverters (3 KVA and 5KVA?), one hour battery backup, including mounting system and typical cabling?

brother , first of all sorry replying late ,
well it all depends upon the maximum budget you can spare for this , remember , more cash better quality and durability , econmy budget , economy quality n headaches (occasionally)
Rough figure i m giving you around 100 rupees per watt (for economy systems)
and around 125 to 145 with lush push system :slight_smile:

Advice: dont use mono panels in pakistan .

Now that is strange. I have been hearing that mono is best for low sunlight and cloudy situations like in islamabad.

I have found one importer from peshawar selling yingli 215 watt mono panel 50rs per watt. And I intend to buy two panels initially.

Also if the panel is of 24vokts nominal and the charge controller is cm3024z will it work with single 12 volts battery?

What is the reason that you are not recommending mono in Pakistan? What about islamabad where it’s cloudy most of the year?

Also price per watt is way cheap then you mentioned. Yingli is tier 1 solar panels manafacturer and it costs 50rs per watt for Mon. USA helios cost 55rs per watt and German ae costs 65rs per watt . these are mono rates.

Thanks Bro I will contact them.
What are their rates for panels?
I only need them.

And are you using mono or poly? Was it considered during deployment and why went for one or the other?

Most people and Internet knowledge suggests mono for islamabad type of climate.

i m using poly , i am based in karachi .
IF you think and you are sure that most of the time islamabad weather is cloudy (covered more than 60 percent of sky) then you can use mono . But as far as i know the situation is not like that in islamabad too . -

u will gain very little amount of current in cloudy days BUT you will LOOSE massive amount of current in summer / hot / full sunny days / UV index > 8 , etc

Good Luck

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Now a days finding correct solar panels is a very hard task , i have seen what is going on is markets where the shopkeepers have solar panels in godown / storing area Without any logo / sticker on the back :slight_smile: - If you need Yingli ? ok paste the sticker of Yingli :slight_smile: , no no u need canadiaSolar ? ok here is the sticker of canadian and here we go :wink:

So be very carefull in buying solar panels from a reliable dealer ONLY .

Also keep in mind the future expansions you may have (increasing the size of your grid)

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3024Z is basically a very low quality PWM charger , i cant say anything about it Bcz it somes with so many different specs under the same model number .

if you want to install 24 volts panel in parallel so you will loose a massive amount of charging current to the batteries bcz its a PWM charger and not a MPPT one .
PWM chargers are just a switch, what comes from panels will be REGULATED and then will goto the battery , IF you are intend to buy 24 volts panels X2 then i would NOT suggest this charger .
Either use MPPT type charger OR use 12 volts panels , PLUS your charger may suffer IF the VoC (open circuit volts) and not the nominal volts , of your panels are greater than 50 volts of DC (this is the limit of your mentioned charger) you can see its specs here

Any current updated price list of panels?

can you share that importer number, as I am from same region. hope i can get better quote from him.

Forum prices rely on different ranges. Depends on how many plates you want to use. Because main expense is Plates.