Solar panel direction and angle of inclination and stand info required

Hi I have three 150 watt each panels.
I need a stand for it. Should I fabricate one from local Iron Smith or the readily available ones will work fine?

I live in rented house will install it on mumty top. So any way I can avoid drilling holes?

Also what should I keep the angle and direction of panels?

Also will a 6mm pure copper wire suffice e id I connect all three in parallel

Panels are yingli 150 watt poly.
Cm3024z charge controller and 1200va pure sine wave ups. ( I will not connected it to ac to avoid the charger section of both ups and controller confuse each other.). Battery is 175Ah

Readily available ones vs. Local Iron Smith, choose the one with medium to heavy gauge(<=14 gauge) and a good protective coating(hot-dip galvanized or powder coated) with reasonable price. Stand made from pre-galvanized sheets do get rust after sometime.

If mounting location is without any side walls, in case of high winds the panel may fall if not anchored properly to the ground. Making concrete blocks on the feet of stand is an option without anchoring, but how much wind will it resist is questionable.

Standard direction in Lahore is 30-degrees and True-South.(Magnetic-South and True-South of Lahore is almost same)

6mm. sq. wire for 450W panels at about 15V is ok, if the length is not too long.(high current causes voltage drop on long wires)

Do switch on your AC-line of UPS in evening or else the battery will be consumed in the night.

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I searched the market customer made were way too heavy and not liked them. So bough the readily available one.
It can accept three panels of 150 watts each.
Distance to charger controller /ups is 10 meters at most.

Is there any good Android app to help in directing the panel correctly and adjusting angle?

Android app—> any Compass app that gives True-poles reading.

Should I face it towards south? And at 80° angle from vertical axis from below?

The panels should face south, so that around noon time the sun is directly facing them.
And should be 30 degree from ground.

it is much change in Karachi - my panels are facing towards South South East (SSE) and the elevation degree is just 12 from Ground these days .

Regarding stand , ready made stands are worth to buy if they are build with heavy guage .3 panels 150 watts weight is ?? i dont know bcz i m using bigger panels and they are really heavy around 28 kilo to 30 kilo without stand and i fitted 2 panels on one stand , weight of stand is around 25 kilo to 30 kio too . so the total load on the stand plus the weight of stand on the ground is 90 kilo ! which is very nice load and one cant even move the same :slight_smile: But if storm will come it may move them So better put some Concrete blocks (if you are not allowed to drill in the roof) on the stand’s feet .