Solar Air Conditionar [Standalone]


I am thinking of installing a solar powered AC in my grandmothers room during the summers.

A constant 5/6 hours of AC use in day time. I don't have any concerns for the night. I looked up on the web and found a few pakistani resources selling these solar powered ac solutions. Example,

The price tag is quite hefty. And not sure about the cooling/blow etc. Anybody has any experience with these things? Any recommendations of the sort?

Please chime in.

there is no such thing as a solar AC.. there are Simple AC and inverter AC.. and any AC can be made to run on solar power if you have solar panels and the setup for it

inverter AC cost a lot.. above 90k to 130k in 1.5 ton range.. they save a lot on electricity, that is why they can be run on solar panels at half the energy of wAPDA. BUT YOU WILL STILL NEED SOLAR PANELS AND batteries and Controller full solar setup for the AC to run..and that would be atleast 2000W of panels, and a CC capable of atleats 40-60 amps.

the other method would be to use a Grid tie solar inverter wich would take solar energy and directly feed to your AC, and you wont need batteries for that. it will work best in day time.. where all the solar power will be used to run the ac directly.. and at night it will work on wapda only, since there are no batteries..

Looks like 'Grid tie solar inverter' would be what I'm looking for.

Any reputable company/electrician/shop providing this service in Lahore and Peshawar?

Dont know any in Peshawar..

In lahore,...

Contact Cosmic international..

0300-8445160 for all types of solar stuff..

Only quality brands as imports..none of the local cheap stuff which doesnot last even a couple of seasons... remember this is a one time expense, so spend more once to enjoy for a long long time.

Give Reference of Farhan for favour..