Software VGSC

Software VGSC + Any brand Gateway/ATA/IP Phone in UAE/Qatar/Oman/Africa = Work Fine

How to protect your Linksys PAP2/Gateway/ATA/IP PHONE in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Africa, all blocked area?

As is well known, today all over the world companies and governments are trying to block VoIP for any number of reasons.

There are several ways to make it work even when the ISP or government tries VoIP blocking. Such as , VPN and VoIP tunnel.

Well, are VPN and VoIP Tunnel the best Solution for you? Do not you want to get one better solution with excellent voice quality in blocked area? To protect your VoIP Business, our company is providing new solution for service providers. VGSC, which installed on the PC at the client side. And it is specifically for VoIP Gateway/ATA/Adapter, for example LinksysPAP2, Grandstream gateway, and IP phone.

Key Features

Any 3rd-party ATA/Gateway/IP Phone/IAD and SIP Proxy/Registrar/SBC supported;

The most comprehensive codec including g.711/g.723/g.729ab/iLBC/gsm/speechX supported;

Easy to update and maintain;

Run parallel with VPS;

Bypassing Narus and Verso platform detection;

Flexible user-customized encryption policy driven;

Strict call path protection and security up to termination;

Only simultaneous signaling/media/T.38 fax packet support across any firewall;

No network or firewall modification is required;

Excellent voice quality without any latency and performance compromise;

Small footprint terminal SDK;

Available on all major platforms;

Maximum ROI (Return On Investment) and reduce TOC (Total Ownership Cost);

Frequently Asked Questions

1> VoIP Tunnel is free, but you have to pay for VGSC; Why we choose VGSC in the end?

VoIP Tunnel only bypasses blocked matter for VPS, but VGSC supports any ITSP (VoIP Service Providers);

2> What advantages has VGSC over VoIP tunnel and VPN?

Compare with VPN

3> I would like to take VoIP devices for anti-blockage, and no need PC support .Why should I select VGSC?

Order pc is cheaper than ship fee; you can ignore customs absolutely for VGSC. Secondly, VGSC is easy to update and maintain.

VoiceGuard Products (software and hardware option)

VoiceGuard SPE VoIP Adapter (VGSPE) – VoIP anti-blocking ATA device which is available in 1 - 4 FXS & FXO ports;

VoiceGuard Border Controller (VGBC) – Hardware, support any brands of ATA/Gateway/IP Phone, such as Linksys PAP2;

VoiceGuard Communicator (VGCommunicator) – Fully SIP compatible Softphone/Dialer for PC2Phone and PC2PC services;

VoiceGuard Standalone Client Lite (VGSCLite) for Windows – Perform encryption for any brand of Softphone, such as X-Lite;

(New) VoiceGuard Bundle (VGBundle) –Anti-blocking X-Lite, eyebeam, Bria PC softphone/dialer;

VoiceGuard Client SDK (VGSDK) - Incorporate voip anti-blocking capability into existing legacy softphone and dialer running on Windows (Softphone/Dialer customization service is also available with VGSDK).

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