Software to read any file format in the world

is there a software to read any file format in the world.if there is plz share your thoughts.thx for your input.


No, that's simply not possible. Softwares are built around a specific purpose, media player, word processing, web browsing etc. and only use the files that suits their purpose. Many file formats are also proprietary and cannot be read by anyone other than the company producing it.

A program to open any kind of software is out of question. Even if there was a program that could open almost any type of software, even that would be too large, inconvenient & very limited in functionality.

If you want something that can open the casual type of files, then there are quite a few such softwares for you to choose from.

Try these:

or google for more...

A hexviewer, :D

FileAlyzer is a tool to analyze files

You didn't elaborate your question that for which device you need software. However, I can suggest you an app for iPad which allows you to open and edit files on your device. You can open several files extension such as docx, Txt, JPEG, PNG, PDF any many more and you can edit them. This app is available in iTunes and named as Files-finder edition. You can download files-finder edition from here