Software to convert rmvb formarat to mp3

اسلام علیکم

do we have any free Software to convert Audio rmvb formarat to mp3??

take care

Thanks buddy but it didn't work

any other link???

Well to convert from rmvb "formarat" to mp3 do as the following guide

"Hopefully an old work of mine could help u out"


It was the blog that i started but then left as it took alot of time to collect stuff and etc. So no promotional activity here.

thanks a lot zohaib

The latest free version of RealPlayer has the option of converting all kind of real media (audio/video/internet recording, etc) to wma, mp3, etc. See the Burn/Transfer Tab.

You can also convert Real Video to DVD/VCD with RealPlayer using the "Burn a DVD/VCD" option (RealPlayer will download a plugin for this, about 12 MB)

Thanks a lot brother Zeshan But i had tried it The Real Player do not change the rmvb format. :)