Software houses in Lahore

how many software houses are in lahore

Are there any good software houses in lahore with female friendly environment,?

It is difficult to quantify how many software houses are in Lahore for a variety of reasons, but suffice to say that there are plenty of them out there. If you search around a bit, you can find some white papers over at the PSEB and MOST websites, but the information may be outdated as well, but there should be some industry statistics around to give you an idea.

There are also quite a few software houses that now employ some senior and excellent female developers as well as giving a start to budding new talent. There are also now more options with flexi shifts, daycare (some) and education supporting roles etc. When you have the ability to choose, there are various things to consider when signing up for employment, such as distance from home/school etc. Netsol, TRG, Techlogix are some of the very large software houses in Lahore and are good employers.

Again, if you have the ability to pick and choose, it is always worth visiting some of these companies, where HR/recruitment personnel can showcase the facility and let you visually gauge the sort of environment you would find yourself in.

i checked them , they are mostly offering jobs to BCS bechlors students, while i am looking for other programming jobs .

by the way thanks for guiding me!