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Salam Everyone!

I am Nauman form Lahore and a specialist in cracking all kind of computer and Mobile softwares. I have about 2000 Softwares collection starting at Rs.500 to Rs. 1,00,000.

These softwares include (Computer):

1. Internet Securities and Antiviruses

2. All kind of Audio and Video Players and Converters

3. business Solution Softwares


Management/Boutique/Health Club)

4. Windows XP / Linux /Server2003

5. Burning Softwares

6. Editing Softwares

7. Orkut Special Softwares and (Orkut Community Hacking : Rs. 9,000 "Minimum

50,000 members and you must know the E-Mail address of the person.)

8. Pdf and Office Editors

9. Image Converters

10. Flash Pictures and Video Recorders

11. Downloading from all tube sites.

12. Music DJ's

and many many many more.

(Cell Phones:)

13. Call Recorder (without beep)

14. Call Blacklist

15. Antivirus

16. File Converters

17. SMS, MMS, Phonebook, Videos and Images Locks

18. Real Mobile Dictionary

19. Opera

20. Panoman

21. Mobile Office

22. Spb Mobile Software

23. Messenger

24. Crypto

25. Multi Alarms


If anyone is interested, please email me at:

All these software are available for Rs. 30 on software installer CDs, and free of charge on the net. What makes you think anyone in their right mind will pay you Rs. 500 or 1,00,000 (!!?) for your software collection? :/

@Specter:Don't worry, such people exist in our world and this guy will somehow find a market to what he advertises. I know a person who paid Rs. 300 to install Win XP on his system. :)

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Salam Everyone!

4. Windows XP / Linux /Server2003


LMAO!!! :lol:

Bah.... every person is a hotshot hacker these days. :/

And the gal to post without reading the rules... :rolleyes: