Software Engineering/CS Graduates Interview question

It would be very kind of all the Pakistani SE and CS graduates at wiredpakistan forum to post general interview questions that they have come across when applying for jobs in their respective field. It can be very helpful for undergraduate students of these disciplines. So please start pouring in.

I won't hire a single programmer without looking at his/her code that he/she can code in front of me. "Interview" (questions and answers) is just useless and it's just for "time-pass" or to check their people-communication-skill. What they can tell is already on paper (CV). But I am only interested what they can do. And best way to judge is to give them a computer and ask them to code to solve a real-world problem. If they can do it in specified given time and without bugs then it's good or otherwise they just need to go back to basics. Workplace is not a place to learn, it's a business and it's the place to earn.

Just make sure you know the concepts of OOP. (Especially 'polymorphism'.)

From my personal experience of interviews, 90% of CS interviewers love asking you about OOP...especially those edge cases like the diamond problem.

Programming Questions:

1.Write a function that deletes an element in a linked list?

2.Write a function that deletes every other element in a linked list?

3.Write a function that reverses the bits in an integer?

4.Write a function that counts the number of one bits in an integer?

5.Write a function that reverses the characters in a string in-place?

6.Write a function that outputs the elements stored in a binary search tree?

7.Write a function that determines if an element is stored in a binary search tree?

Thank you, for the Interesting Questions, these really helps, I'm doing Software eng. I'd love to read this type of content

Thanks Aanaya its realy helping questions

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