Social media

What social media sites do you use these days?

I used to use facebook,stopped using it after 5 years…reasons is too much ads, memes (don’t find them funny anymore), invasive cookies and so on. I tried to move to snapchat, instagram, etc. they are more or less the same. Found twitter a little decent, if you follow right people, you can interact with companies, brands much easier.

What is your to-go social media website? Or you have stopped using it altogether.

Awaiting respones

PS: it is good to see WP back

Facebook, twitter, reddit and some forums, though a lot less then I used to.

To avoid ads, I mostly use social media on desktop where I have uBlock Origin installed, which does an awesome job of stopping almost all ads. I whitelist sites which don’t have annoying ads, though that is super few.

  • Facebook = Family
  • Twitter = News and commentary
  • Reddit = various sub groups on things I’m interested in (seems to have replaced most forums altogether for discussion groups)
  • Forums: Not many now, it seems to be a dying breed on the internet. Quite a few of the ones I used to frequent have shut down. I think improved forum software like the one running this site is bringing back a small forum revival.
    Blogs: Can’t forget blogs. Many blogs used to have vibrant comments, though now blogs are pretty dead too, mine included.

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