So WP is back

After quite a few months of inactivity, finally WP is back. This time, let’s hope the site remains safe from hackers.

Apparently forum backup seems OK but post counts of all members got reset somehow ?

How about sending an email to all members informing them that WP is back again, so that we may see activity sooner.

It’s still slowly coming back, still fixing up a bunch of minor issues, though the forums are fully usable now.

I’m not sure I can even send an email blast but will explore. Whoever is following the site on fb & twitter will find out sooner or later.

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post counts are very much there in the user profile. What is missing is user levels - before it was setup something like:

  • lvl1 - posts over 100
  • lvl2 - posts over 1,000
  • and so on.

User levels will be set up as before, in time.

While the forums have been opened again for public access, please understand that this transition (from IPB v4 to Discourse) remains an ongoing work in progress with various bugs and issues still needing to be resolved.

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Nice to see WP back :slight_smile:

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Finally, it’s back! Guys c’mon now, your site shuts off without any form of explanation or way to communicate with the mods. You took away an important part of my daily routine. It was like talking away a cigarette from a chain smoker and telling them they can’t smoke anymore. :laughing: I’ve literally been checking the URL every single day to see if it’s back, and then yesterday you finally showed the light. Haha.

In any case, I’m glad to see it back, but i don’t really like th new layout. It seems vastly different. Maybe a different theme would help in navigation.

Cheers! :v:


Nice to have it back. Though I am not a big fan of Discourse.

And thanks for responding on Facebook after weeks.

Upsilon, let’s make own forum :smiley:

Alternate communication channels are available in the form of Twitter handle wiredpak and Facebook page.

Discourse is a major change even for me. It will take some time getting familiar with it.

Thank God WP is back, its been so long,

im really glad its back, i like the new theme

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Thanks! The old site was so messed up that my host refused to even let me put up a simple index.html. It should work a lot better now, and soon I’m adding a blog as well. So theres twiiter, facebook a soon to exist blog and the new front page which is independent of the forums, so will stay online regardless of spam attacks etc.

Far as the new forum software goes, it is actually heaps and heaps better then the old one. Coming up in the next release is a more traditional front page view too, for those so inclined. I really like the simple embeds of content too - below is auto embeded from just pasting in the twitter link:


welcome Back W.P :slight_smile:

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Welcome back!

Congratulations! and kudos to the mods
and KO, for doing the hard work behind-
the-scenes to bring back WP. Even Lazarus
would be impressed, how many times this
forum has been left for dead and been

Like the new forums. So much more info-
rmation is available and in a user frindly

We should give sadqa of an e-bakra. :wink:

Sheikh ‘Deja Vu’ Chilli


who missed me?

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Welcome Back

I thought it was gone forever, but hey welcome back :joy:

Welcome Back WP. It’s been quite a while.

Would kindly suggest to make transition to a new layout slow & steady. Stability should really be your no. 1 priority. It is extremely annoying to put up with the BS of spam attack every now & then. Hopefully, your new host can live up to their claim Insha’ Allah.

Its a lot different from what the site used to be like in the past. Perhaps you could introduce a bit darker interface (as an option). Too much white is not very pleasant for my eyes (it stings) :frowning:

Glad to have you back with us. Cheers.

Testing 123.

Can we have signatures?

[quote=“jDk, post:20, topic:22761”]
Its a lot different from what the used to be like in the past. Perhaps you could introduce a bit darker interface (as an option). Too much white is not very pleasant for my eyes (it stings) :frowning:
[/quote]I completely agree with this part. The current theme is an eyesore. Also the main page need to be categorized as before, the current feeds format is not suitable for this type of forum IMO.