So,Telenor offers only edge now?Or someone is out of coverage?

Do they still offer gprs at some place?

well if ur mobile doesnot support EDGE then ur fone will use normal GPRS it is not like 3G for which special 3G enabled handset is required,

they have not listed kallar kahar in edge coverage list

You may ask at helpline of telenor.

telenor has installed their edge equipment in alot of cities :D

It is already in process of providing EDGE service by almost all mobile companies but thier service is very bad specially in day time even bad than dialup.

yeah due heavy load by calls. it is normal and it happens even europeon countries. bcoz mobile networks are bassically for voice calls these are just u can say add ons.

Now it is not only for voice only. now datys latest mobile sets can handle high speed data as well as voice. Mobile network supossed to do both same time and gprs and edge have maximum limit too high but what those companies provide just about 10% to 30% of maximum limit.