So is PTCL blocking websites on its own or by order of PTA?

Yeah that's the question. I know ptcl has started blocking adult sites for the past 6-8 Months, they blocked almost 90% this last week. Does'nt bother me mostly and there is always the option to use paid vpn's.

The question here is that does PTCL is blocking those websites on its own or did PTA/government of Pakistan passed a law to block those websites? Does anyone have any concrete idea/proof?

My personal opinion is that PTCL is doing it on its own to save bandwith and since they have almost complete monopoly over Wired/Wireless internet in Pakistan they can do whatever they desire to and customer has no choice but to follow through. If they think those websites are harmful and unethical then where were they for the past 5-6 years since they introduced DSL in 2007? Yeah we know there were other options like LDN etc back then and now there is only PTCL in most cities.

Your take on this?

The problem is that, there is no formal list or updates from PTA. So we don't know exactly what is blocked officially and where to blame an ISP, for example Dailymotion is frequenlty targeted by PTCL, yet we don't have any word/notification from our beloved :P regularity. What an abuse of power :angry:

Yes PTCL only blocks whats in their own interests. They could have taken the necessary steps long way back but they didn't because they knew it could be devastating for them as they had competition.

And see how ptcl obliges by PTA? Just take the recent illegal spectrum usage case which PTA filled against them on court around 2011 and ptcl didn't pay the fine until recently when PTA went ahead to cancelling their license. They are only doing so to further their own benefits and save bandwith just so they can offer higher speed packages at much expensive prices.

Another un-ethical example, is also blocked by ptcl because it does'n suit their interest as its a competitor to their smartv offer and decent option here in Pakistan for satellite TV. Morons


PTCL is like any other corporation, their motto is to empty consumers pocket by any chance they get. As far as filtering/blocking is concerned I'm sure they are doing it on their own to save bandwidth.

For e.g.

  • Port 80 Blocked.
  • Skype-to-phone calling blocked
  • Bad routing to international ips (nightmare for gamers)
  • Occasional torrent bandwidth throttling
  • Poorly configured censoring software resulting in slow internet
  • And random website blocking as mentioned above..



1- Port 80 is blocked = wrong

Every website is served through this port. Only IP addresses are blocked or domain names are filtered.

2- Occasional torrent bandwidth throttling.

With recent aggressive filtering change, most torrent sites are now completely blocked.

So you can't even open them, throttling comes next.

did you signed any agreement / TOS paper before subscribing ptcl Internet services?

your answer is NO

then they have full right to block anything they want you can't sue them in courts either

now keep calm and eat peanut butter

By Port 80 blockage he meant that the user's port 80 is blocked. This has been discussed before and is true for all dynamic IP customers.

^So he meant inbound traffic.

Just checked it :o and that's mean now no one can host any website on PTCL connection with DIP, unless different port is assigned.

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[quote=“Animotion, post:10, topic:20664”]

PTCL CEO daugther's sex tape got released over internet and he went on a hype to block almost everything.

And yea.. his daugther is as ugly as himself.


Please don't post unsubstantiated rot. It brings down the quality of the discussion.

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