So I bought a amd 5200+ dual core pro+ mobo

I wanted to upgrade my system,,I researched and researched and bought a amd 5200+ system (for rs 7000). (this will beat a 2.1 1000 bus, 2 core 2 duo in most cases)

The mobo I bought was rs 4800

upgraded from a 1.6 (pentium dual core). I dont like to overclock, so in order to beat the performance of a 5200+ i would have to overclocked 1.6 to 3.2ghz where the chances of burnout are more then i wanted to play around with,,

average temp idle 39 (same as my old pentium 4 3.0 ht)

load 42-44


what do you think

gud... hows the performance??

According to this cpu benchmark site all the core 2 duos ~2.1ghz perform better than the 5200:

Also according to galaxy the e2220 at 2.4ghz is priced @ Rs. 6800 i.e. cheaper than your 5200.

Also if your not using 1066mhz ram or overclocking you can get a suitable intel mobo for 4650 (DG31PR) .

sk90y>>performance is good better then my 1.6 start up 50% faster now,,havent done any benchmark in gaming yet will let u know

rokra>>there are no 2.1 ghz core 2 duo available anywhere in the market..

my 5200 overclocked to 3.2 from 2.7 (which is where it is right now) will beat the e2220 easily...