So is happening for real

so warid is now selling all their LTE enabled and other 4G handsets through

not only is this a very smart move by outsourcing all customer dealing related portion of business, it also greatly legitimizes, which i am assuming most of us were considering a fail, as we all do mostly for almost all new online services.

why no other Cell network ever thought of that is a missed opportunity.. if any have, i am unaware of it..this is a very easy aspect, by instead of filling forms and checking on head offices for collection of the very low end sets which ufone and zong used to offer, this is home service and check on site with branding backup of a big company like warid.

getting phone 6 is still from their offices i think though..

It's good move by warid to save their customers time and their branch staff, but delivery of phone has to be with in 48hours, and by daraz itself

i smell corruption.....

^ there would be no chance of corruption, as daraz has its own online store, and their vs warid prices can be checked there..and also compared with other online stores and markets.. so warid buyers canot be charged more.. plus you get the warid LTE package with free Data for some time.. which is an added bonus for buying from waird.

plus home delivery means you pay when you can check your stuff to be fully functional and thus proper product.

yes corruption i just discovered it

kaise kaise?

daraz people are related to warid company..

so thats a strategic partnership/subsidiary, not corruption.

This is what is offering in association with Warid 4G LTE

bs daraz phone variants are low specs with price of highs...

at daraz galaxy grand prime only 3G is around 20k…But out in market galaxy grand prime lte version is 20K

they are probably providing warranty sets.. warranty sets are more expensive than imported non warranty sets.

Came across this. I think the author should have always chosen COD, but still, looks like a bit of slacking on daraz's part.

there will always be problems with customers.. no company in the world has a 100% happy customer base.. even samsung got 80% last year while winning.. and that 80% included billions of customers from 3rd world countries where warranties and problems are solved by shopkeepers and dealors instead of reporting to company.. majority of smuggled product has no complain registers at all.

hopefully with every such incident reported, online retailers will learn some lessons in bad publicity and improve their setups.

actually all these online retailers playing with people using phone different variants...

here is what they do…

importing low specs phones for example Samsung Galaxy ace 4 3G version with 512MB ram is available on most online stores for 14k around, but for 14k you can get galaxy ace 4 lte version 1GB ram with warranty out in market… same with galaxy prime phone and many more when you compare it with phone in markets

jasi qoom wasay online stores,

LOL, Retail stores only sell products they are not manufacturers. I am not favoring nor i have any link with them but seriously they recently accelerate the trend of starting online stores in Pakistan. There is nothing wrong if they exclusively promote Warid for making profit or getting more credeblity.

Even international online stores quote different prices for different reasons. Use your brain and search google.

It is very easy to write negative posts about any startup but it is better to do something positive or start your own venture and make a lot of money :D